Traffic Enforcement Unit

Our Traffic Enforcement Unit was created in 1996 to supplement the highway-patrol efforts of the Oregon State Police -- providing an even more focused enforcement effort on county roadways.

While our Traffic Team enforces all traffic laws, it puts a special emphasis on violations that cause motor-vehicle accidents; violations in and around schools; and failing to stop for school buses. Other duties include:

  • Assisting Patrol Deputies in completing accident reports
  • Responding to citizen-reported traffic problems
  • Keeping an eye on predicted "problem areas" (based on information received from crime analysis)
  • Participating in special enforcement activities as a result of holidays and events where alcohol is consumed.
  • Assisting other agencies with traffic-related problems
  • Presenting traffic-safety programs to schools and civic groups throughout Clackamas County

Traffic Team members have completed an 80-hour basic police motorcycle operator's course, as well as a state commercial-vehicle inspection course.