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Ownership Transfers are processed at the County Tax Assessors Office or through a title company. The Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles is no longer involved in this process. The new process will change your name as the owner of a manufactured home with the Department of Building Codes. We will update our tax records only after the transfer with the State is completed. Until the transfer is complete, we will continue to show the selling party as being responsible for all property taxes. Simply signing off on a title or sales agreement does not transfer ownership. To download forms, you can go to

Selling a Manufactured Home?

To complete the process, you will need to do the following:

  1. Complete a four-page form called a Manufactured Structure Notice of Sale Form/Change of Ownership and a Supplemental Information form.
  2. Submit the DMV title or BCD ownership document signed off by the seller(s) and any lien holder(s)
  3. Pay a transfer fee of $55.00,  certified funds or cash only.
  4. Pay any outstanding  property taxes due as well as for the current fiscal year at the time of the transfer (July 1 to June 30)
  5. All property taxes and fees must be paid with certified funds.

You may call us at 503-655-8671 to find out more information. Please be aware that tax payments are required to be secured by cash or certified funds, we do not accept personal checks for ownership transactions.

Moving a Manufactured Home?

First you will need to secure a placement permit from your local Planning Department to be sure that the manufactured structure may be sited at the new location.

When you have a placement permit from Planning, either the Assessor's office or a licensed mover can issue a trip permit.  Only a licensed mover may move a manufactured home. There is a $5.00 fee per section; each section requires a trip permit.  We will ask you for the Transporters name and the placement permit number.

To obtain a trip permit for a home moving out of Clackamas County all taxes for the current fiscal year must be paid.  If there is a change of ownership then a Notice of Sale Change of Ownership form and Supplemental form will need to be submitted. If no ownership change is occurring then a Multi Purpose Change form and a supplemental form with information regarding the new location for the home will need to be submitted.

Please be aware that when obtaining a trip permit for a home, the transaction fee and tax payments must be secured by cash or certified funds, we do not accept personal checks.

You will receive a tax bill from the county where the manufactured home was sited on January 1 of the current year. A manufactured home that moves between January 2nd and December 31st will be moved and billed at the new location in our records for the next fiscal tax year.

Exempting a manufactured structure from title

Your DMV title or Ownership Document may be eligible for the Exemption process if you own the land the manufactured home is located on. This exemption means that the structure is recorded as part of the land account and is considered real property for all purposes. For more details on how to complete this process, please contact us at 503-655-8671 or you may contact any Title Insurance company.

Demolishing a manufactured structure

When you demolish your manufactured home, you need to…

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