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Property Value Appeals

If you have questions regarding the values on your tax statement, the assessor's staff will be available to discuss the values with you. If you desire, an appraiser will review your appraisal with you and answer any other questions you may have.

After your discussion with the assessor's staff, if you feel the market value shown on your tax statement is too high, we encourage you to file an appeal with the Board of Property Tax Appeals (BOPTA)

If you have additional questions, you may contact our office at 503-655-8671 and ask for assistance with filing an appeal.

For more appeal information from the Oregon Department of Revenue, click here... Appeal Rights: Property Tax

If you miss the above deadline, or you disagree with a prior year's value, you may file an appeal with the Magistrate Division of the Oregon Tax Court. Appeal forms may be obtained by calling Oregon Tax Court, Magistrate Division, 503-986-5650. CERTAIN STANDARDS MUST BE MET TO HAVE APPEALS TO THE MAGISTRATE HEARD. All appeal forms are available in the Assessor's Office or download an Information Circular from the State about the appeals process.

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