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Public Testimony before the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners

Presenting effective testimony

Every person’s viewpoint is important. At a public business meeting or hearing, testimony is always welcome and considered during Discussion Items and Citizen Communications regardless of experience or technical expertise. While presenting effective testimony may not guarantee a particular result, following these tips will help provide the board the data and feedback needed to make an informed decision.

Read available background materials in advance to identify issues and decision-making criteria related to the topic. Agenda packets and background materials are available in advance on the Business Meeting page.

Prepare support material like maps, photos, documents, etc., and cite any experts.

Prioritize your testimony which, at Board meetings, is usually limited to three (3) minutes. Make your most important points first.

Provide evidence to demonstrate and support your viewpoint.

Offer both oral and written testimony if possible. Written testimony and supporting materials will become part of the public record retained by the county.

What’s the testimony process?

What are my responsibilities?

When speaking, the board welcomes public opinions from all points of view.

When in the audience, everyone has the right to present to the board without audience interruption.

What happens with my testimony?

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