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Behavioral Health

We work with community partners and a network of providers to offer a wide variety of mental health and addictions treatment services to children, youth, families, and adults. Our services include crisis care, drug and alcohol treatment, and assessment and evaluation.

If you are having a mental health emergency, call our crisis line at 503-655-8585.

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If you are having a mental health emergency, call our crisis line at 503-655-8585.

Do you need mental health or addictions services?

If your Medicaid mental health insurance plan is offered through the Clackamas Mental Health Organization (Clackamas MHO), you may choose any provider that is listed in your member handbook. When you call a provider to make an appointment, please have your Medicaid ID card available. If you need help choosing a provider agency, call the Clackamas MHO at 503-742-5335.

If you are uninsured and need help getting mental health or addictions services, we have staff ready to answer your questions and help you determine the services you need. When you call, our staff will work with you to see if you are eligible for services. Please call 503-742-5335 to learn more about your eligibility for services.

If you have a mental health emergency, Crisis intervention is provided on a same-day basis, and is available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are having a mental health emergency, call 503-655-8585.

Behavioral Health is a Division of the Health, Housing, and Human Services (H3S) Department. Its interim director is Cindy Becker.

Other programs

Peer and Family Support Services

If you or your family needs support and assistance from people who understand what you are going through, Clackamas County has a wide array of peer support services. Peer services range from telephone support from the David Romprey Warm Line, assistance at teen and adult drop-in centers, and peer supports as part of our office based services.

Centerstone Urgent Mental Health Walk-in Center

Centerstone is a walk-in center for individuals and families with urgent behavioral health needs. It is the place to connect to community, alternative and traditional support, including urgent mental health and crisis care, peer counseling, safety screenings, resource needs assessment, safety planning, crisis referral services, Mental Health First Aid, and treatment court services.

Involuntary Commitment

ICP staff work with individuals and agencies to determine when involuntary commitment is necessary, and to protect the civil rights and due process for individuals.

Treatment Courts

Clackamas County operates mental health and addictions services on behalf of the Clackamas County Circuit Court through the Mental Health Court, Adult Drug Court, and Family Drug Court programs. Individual, group, and family counseling is available. Learn more about this valuable resource here, if you are a client, family member, or legal representative.

Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid is an exciting interactive course that prepares members of the public to provide Mental Health First Aid to those in need.  This course is delivered by certified Mental Health First Aid USA instructors.  Learn more about the program, and sign up for a class here.

Open Minds Open Doors

Open Minds Open Doors is a campaign to fight the stigma surrounding mental illness and addictions.  Visit our Open Minds Open Doors web page to find out more.

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