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Involuntary Commitment Services

Centerstone's Commitment staff work with individuals, families and agencies to balance community safety concerns with the civil rights of individuals.

Oregon Revised Statue 426 provides for involuntary treatment of individuals who are either dangerous or else unable meet their basic needs due to a mental illness. This legal process is known as civil commitment and begins with a “Notice of Mental Illness” filed in court. This notice is required whenever a person is placed on an emergency hold in a hospital, or it may be given in the form of a 2-Party Petition. Our Mental Health Investigators will then work with hospital social workers and other treatment professionals as well as individuals and their families to gather information and determine whether to recommend that a Civil Commitment Hearing take place with the circuit court. The investigator’s job is to ensure due process for individuals placed on a hospital hold, to make certain that their civil rights are not suspended wrongfully or for any longer than necessary.

If an individual is committed, he or she may receive involuntary treatment for up to 180 days. Centerstone’s Commitment Monitoring staff assess whether persons who are committed continue to meet commitment criteria and work with hospitals and community agencies to determine a plan for a safe transition to the community and to voluntary treatment as appropriate.

Oregon Revised Statutes pertaining to commitment in Oregon.


Open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. We are closed on federal holidays and court furlough days.


Call 503-655-8585 and ask to speak with a mental health investigator.

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