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Clackamas County Incentive Programs

Tax Abatement Programs

Clackamas County Enterprise Zone Program

Enterprise zones are designed to encourage business investment through property tax exemption in designated areas of Clackamas County for a period of three years to five years. Locating or expanding into an enterprise zone provides a financial incentive for industrial businesses to expand their facilities, invest in machinery and hire new employees.

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Eligible business includes manufacturers, processors, shippers and a variety of operations that serve other organizations, as well as call centers and headquarter-type facilities. Hotel/resort businesses also are eligible in the Sandy Enterprise Zone only. Retail, construction, financial and certain other defined activities are ineligible.

Criteria for Qualifying Projects

The 3-Year Tax Abatement Program

A company will not pay taxes on its new investment if it can:

  • Increase full time, permanent employment by 10% and maintain it for 3 years;
  • Pay the new employees at least 150% of the state minimum wage or $13.65 per hour for 2014 (benefits can be used to reach this pay level);
  • Enter into a First Source Hiring Agreement with local job training providers; and
  • Pay an application fee of 0.1% of the proposed total investment.

The 5-Year Tax Abatement Program

A company must meet all of the requirements of the 3-year program as well as the following to receive 2 additional years of tax abatement.

  • Compensation of new workers must be at or above 150% of the County average wage for 2014 of $31.76 per hour/$66,507 annual (benefits can be used to reach this pay level);
  • The increased employment level and higher wages must be maintained for 5 years;
  • There must be local approval by written agreement with the local zone sponsor; and
  • The company must meet any additional requirements that the local zone sponsor may reasonably request.

Please contact the Business & Economic Development team at 503-742-4BIZ(4249) for more information.

Clackamas County Strategic Investment Zone

The Clackamas County Urban and Rural Strategic Investment Zone provides a compelling business recruitment tool designed to attract large capital intensive traded sector businesses. The program provides with consistent criteria and a streamlined approval process.

Highlights include:

  • 15 year property tax abatements on facilities and equipment to any "traded-sector" business. Examples include production, manufacturing, high tech, among others.
  • Applies to large capital investments $25 million minimum in the rural zone and $100 million in the urban zone.
  • Requires the company to pay a community service fee equal to 25% of the tax savings per year to local public service providers to offset community impacts. The community service fee is capped at an annual maximum of $2 million in urban areas or $500,000 in rural areas.

The Clackamas County Urban Zone unincorporated urban Clackamas County and the Cities of Lake Oswego and portions of Happy Valley.

The Clackamas County Rural Zone unincorporated rural Clackamas County portions of Happy Valley and the cities of Sandy, Molalla, Estacada and Canby.

Please contact the Business and Economic Development office at 503-742-4BIZ(4249) for more information.

Clackamas County Rural Renewable Energy Development Zone

The Rural Renewable Energy Development Zone program provides a three to five year property tax incentive to attract private sector alternative energy production investment. 

Highlights include:

  • 3 to 5 year property tax exemptions on buildings and equipment (not land).
  • Encourages investments that hamess wind, geothermal, solar, biomass, ocean waves or other unconventional forms of energy in Oregon.
  • The exemption is the same as the same as the three-to-five year property tax exemption in an enterprise zone, with the exception being a market value cap up to a total maximum established within that particular zone.  This cap is established at formation and can be changed by applicaion to Business Oregon.
  • Eligible zone projects must meet business firm and property qualifications for the energy zone exemption and must involve the generation of electricity from a "renewable energy resource" or the manufacture, storage or distribution of biodiesel, ethanol or similar fuels made from applicable inputs.

Clackamas County Rural Revolving Loan Program

Businesses located outside the Portland Metro urban growth boundary are eligible for loans up to $150,000.  This money can be used on land, building acquisition, new construction, machinery and equipment.  The requirements are one job for each $25,000.

Mt. Hood Economic Alliance Grants & Revolving Loan Fund

Regional and Rural Investment Funds (grants and loans) focusing on economic development.  Priority will be given to projects that create or retain jobs; leverage outside capital investment for business development; demonstrate ongoing sustainability; support minority and women owned compaies; and projects that achieve an average wage level at or above the County minimum average wage. 

For more information contact:
Jamie Johnk
(503) 742-4413

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