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Dispute Resolution Services

We offer:

Mediation Benefits

Our Staff and Professionally Trained Volunteer Team includes three professional mediators and 35 professionally trained volunteer mediators.

For more information, contact:

Amy Herman, Mediation Services Supervisor
Clackamas County Resolution Services
2051 Kaen Rd Ste 210 Oregon City, OR 97045

Community Mediation

Mediation helps to strengthen community relationships and preserve safe and peaceful living environments. Our mediators will discuss service options with you for issues such as:

Our mediation sessions are confidential, voluntary, impartial, effective and available during evening hours.

Education, Training and Internships

Resolution Services provides instruction in the following areas:




Resolution Services empowers people to effectively, peacefully, and collaboratively resolve disputes and build conflict resolution skills. You will learn about Collaborative Interest Based Negotiation, Mediation Process Skills, Communication Skills and Intercultural Communication practices.

Skill Development courses

Internship Opportunities

Facilitation Services

Well planned and facilitated meetings will save your organization hours of time and significantly increase satisfaction for your work teams. Our facilitators design effective agendas and guide participants through topic discussions to specific plans of action. Typical meeting facilitation includes:

Facilitation Training is also available for members of your organization.

Volunteer Opportunities

We supervise professionally trained volunteers who mediate community and small claims cases. Staff maintain a learning environment through a mentor/apprentice process that supports the individual needs of our volunteers, provides practical training in case development and table mediation and provides continuing education.


Our goal is to train proficient and confident volunteer community mediators who will use their skills to improve community relations. To that end, we ask you to:

If you are interested in volunteering at Clackamas County Resolution Services, call us at 503-655-8850, or email Amy Herman.

Volunteer Application Form (PDF)

Volunteer Contract (PDF)

Workplace Mediation, Facilitation and Training

Conflicts in the workplace can be costly and time consuming. Up to 30% of a manager’s time is spent dealing with conflict, and the expense of replacing an employee who has quit or been terminated is estimated at between 75% and 150% of the employee’s annual salary. Unresolved conflict also has a substantial negative impact on morale and productivity.

We can help resolve conflicts in the workplace involving co-workers, workers and supervisors, work groups or teams. Workplace issues may include:

Information and Resources

Links to other Resources

Oregon Mediation Association (OMA)

Oregon Office of Community Dispute Resolution

National Association For Community Mediation (NAFCM)

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Resolution Services

Phone number 503-655-8415
Address 2051 Kaen Road #210
Oregon City, OR 97045