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Clackamas Industrial Area

Highway 212 Beautification The Clackamas Industrial Area is one of three county urban renewal districts in Clackamas County. This industrial area is a regional distribution, warehousing and wholesale trade center. The district was created in 1984 to support development of the area as a vital employment center, and attractive commercial and residential service center. Working with the public and business community, the Development Agency created plans for the district to reduce traffic congestion, control flooding, improve drainage, promote economic development and create new jobs for local residents.

In 1984, the area initially consisted of 2,173 acres and had an assessed value of $263 million. In 2001, amendments were made and the area was reduced to 1,187 acres with an assessed value of $320 million (after returning $253.5 million to general tax rolls when withdrawn from area in 2001). When the district tax increment levy was terminated in 2006, $649 million was added to the tax rolls of overlapping taxing agencies -- including the school district, fire district, water district, library, parks and county.

Funding Background

The Clackamas Industrial Area collected tax increment financing (TIF) revenues through FY 2005-06.

A major amendment approved in December 2001 reduced the size of the Clackamas Industrial urban renewal area by approximately 50% from 2,173 acres to 1,187 acres. This reduction was possible because the planned urban renewal projects in this area were completed. The result was substantial additional tax revenues for the districts that levy taxes in the urban renewal areas. In addition, the amendment added the Sunrise Corridor project to the plan, which allows urban renewal funds to be used for the local match needed to advance this project.

Effective July 1, 2006, the Development Agency terminated its tax increment levy, adding the assessed value to the tax rolls and making significantly increased revenues available to overlapping taxing districts. The Agency is using the remaining funds to complete plan projects.

In 2007, the Clackamas Industrial Area Urban Renewal Plan was amended. The amendment included:

The district has also done a great deal to support development of the Sunrise Corridor. Major activities include:

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