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Clackamas Town Center Area

Year Formed: 1980

Area: Approximately 819 acres of land in the north part of unincorporated Clackamas County between the cities of Milwaukie and Happy Valley.

Purpose: To provide transportation and community facilities in an area expected to grow rapidly.

Current Assessed Value: $706 million in 2014, up from $32 million in 1980

Return on Investment:  As the assessed value within the district increased after its formation in 1980, the Development Agency reduced the size of the district and returned assessed value to the general tax rolls.  This included:

Overview: The Clackamas Town Center area is the region's fastest growing business center. In the last 30 years many high quality office, retail and multifamily projects have been built. Long-term success depends on achieving a balance of access and amenities that attract residents, businesses and future development. The biggest challenges have been funding transportation projects and providing enough parks, open space and public places.

Project Plan (PDF)
Project Report (PDF)

Remaining Projects:  A group of local business leaders, government officials and community members, the Clackamas Regional Center Working Group, was asked by the Board of County Commissioners to evaluate potential projects in the district and recommend which projects to implement.  The Working Group developed a work program that prioritized projects and presented it to the Commission for consideration.  The projects listed below were approved by the Commission in 2013:

Completed Disposition and Development Agreements (DDAs):

Completed Transportation Projects

Completed Community Use Projects

Completed Storm Drainage and Water Supply Projects

Completed Redevelopment Projects

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