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Clackamas Town Center Area

The Clackamas Town Center area is the region's fastest growing business center.

Year Formed: 1980

Area: Approximately 819 acres of land in the north part of unincorporated Clackamas County between the cities of Milwaukie and Happy Valley.

Purpose: To provide transportation and community facilities in an area expected to grow rapidly.

Assessed Value: $569 million in 2012, up from $45 million in 1980; $90 million of incremental assessed value returned to general tax rolls in 1987 and $48 million returned in 2005.

Overview: The Clackamas Town Center area is the region's fastest growing business center. In the last 30 years many high quality office, retail and multifamily projects have been built. Long-term success depends on achieving a balance of access and amenities that attract residents, businesses and future development. The biggest challenges have been funding transportation projects and providing enough parks, open space and public places.

In June 2005 the Clackamas Town Center plan was amended in the following ways:

  • Approximately one acre was added for construction of a public parking garage at the Town Center
  • 88 acres were withdrawn from the urban renewal district and returned to the general tax rolls
  • A site was identified on Harmony Road, the current location of the Clackamas Community College/Oregon Institute of Technology campus, as an area for possible redevelopment activities

Sunnybrook East

This amendment reduced the Clackamas Town Center Urban Renewal Area by a net 87 acres, added $48 million to the general tax rolls and provided substantial additional tax revenues to the area taxing districts.

Project Plan (PDF)
Project Report (PDF)
Major projects during the past several years have focused on the "Sunnyside Family of Projects" to provide adequate traffic capacity to meet future needs.

  • Monterey Overpass and Bob Schumacher Frontage Road -- open November 2001
  • Sunnybrook East Extension - open July 2002
  • Sunnybrook Split Diamond Overpass (an Oregon Department of Transportation [ODOT] project) -- complete in December 2003
  • Phase I of the Sunnyside Widening Project -- complete in 2005
  • A 36,000-square-foot medical/dental office building on 85th and Monterey -- complete in 2005

Disposition and Development Agreements (DDAs): The Agency has entered into several DDA's in recent years, including

  • Phase 2 of a development project on Sunnybrook Boulevard is expected, depending on market conditions, which could include either participating in or constructing parking facilities in the Sunnybrook Corridor.
  • A three-party agreement with the North Clackamas School District, Clackamas County Fire District 1 and the Agency resulted in construction of Causey Extension between southeast Stevens Road and Bob Schumacher Frontage Road, and construction of a fire station near Mt. Scott Elementary School.
  • An agreement for a mixed-use medical office building and multi-housing development in the Johnson Creek/92nd Avenue area.
  • An agreement for expansion of a multi-family housing development adjacent to the new I-205 light rail line near the Clackamas Town Center Mall.

Other completed transportation projects: Over the past 30 years, transportation projects have been a priority in the Town Center Area.

  • Sunnybrook Boulevard from southeast 82nd Avenue east to Interstate 205
  • The improvement of 82nd Avenue and Monterey Avenue
  • Roads realigned at the Stevens Road/Sunnyside Road intersection
  • Roads realigned at the Harmony/82nd Avenue intersection
  • Construction of fire stations and facilities on Fuller Road and Causey Avenue
  • New roads created at 84th, 85th, 86th, 90th and 93rd avenues, and Sunnybrook Boulevard and Boyer Drive
  • A new interchange on I-205 (Johnson Creek Boulevard)
  • Sunnyside Road improved by adding lanes and signalization
  • 92nd Avenue improvements from Otty Road to Johnson Creek Boulevard
  • Realignment of Otty Road/Idleman/92nd Avenue
  • Max LRT The I-205 Corridor Light Rail Project – the Green Line -- links the Clackamas Town Center Area with the Gateway District and downtown Portland, operating within the I-205 freeway right-of-way. Stations serve the Sunnyside, Southgate and West Mt. Scott neighborhoods in Clackamas County. Construction began in 2007 and was completed in September 2009. The project was funded with federal and local funds.
  • Monterey Main Street: Improvements to Monterey from SE 82nd Avenue to I-205 were completed in late 2008. Monterey was widened to a main street standard, with on-street parking, landscaping and street trees behind the curb and sidewalks. Initially, the road has three lanes -- two travel lanes and a center turn lane. When traffic levels warrant it, the on-street parking will be removed and the road will be striped for four travel lanes and a center turn lane.

Community Use: A variety of projects funded by the Agency has

  • A cost-share program with the County Housing Authority provided 224 units of moderate income dwellings at the Easton Ridge apartments on Causey Avenue
  • Property purchased for a joint use facility for Clackamas Community College and the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office
  • Acquisition of Ickes and Harmony schools for the Clackamas Community College and the Oregon Institute of Technology campus
  • Establishment of a Clackamas County branch library
  • Construction of a fire station and facility on Fuller Road and Causey Avenue
  • Facilities and operating agreements for the Mt. Scott School recreation and community use project
  • Acquisition of property at and adjacent to the regional swim center
  • Sidewalk repairs and tree plantings on southeast Causey Avenue, southeast 85th Avenue, southeast 90th Avenue and southeast Monterey Avenue
  • Clackamas Town Center Mall Redevelopment: Through an agreement approved in 2005, the Agency partnered with General Growth Properties, owner of Clackamas Town Center, for the first upgrade to the property since 1981. The Agency constructed a five-deck parking structure between Sears and Nordstrom on the north side of the site, plazas and landscaping to create an attractive open air "public space" and pedestrian promenade, and infrastructure, including utilities, sidewalks, retaining walls, etc.
    General Growth provided 245,000 square feet of new retail/entertainment space, including internal and external renovations, movie theater expansion and two detached restaurant pads. The layout is in a "Family Lifestyle Center" concept with shops that open to the outside public plazas and walkways rather than into the larger structure.

Storm Drainage and Water Supply: A coordinated program of storm drainage and water supply projects was implemented in the Clackamas Town Center area.

  • A flood control facility was constructed on 84th Avenue and Ambler Road
  • A water pump station and supply mainline were installed and a water storage reservoir was partially funded

Redevelopment: Redevelopment projects funded by the Agency have played a major role in the economic growth of the area.

  • A mixed-use commercial area south of Sunnyside Road developed in 1989 Marriott Courtyard
    • Omega/Monarch Corporate Center - 178,000-square-foot Class A Office
    • Marriott Courtyard - 137-room full service hotel
    • Clackamas County Sunnybrook Service Center - 73,400-square-foot Class A Office
    • Specht/Quest - 103,400-square-foot Class A Office
  • Battin Elementary School purchased from the North Clackamas School District and razed, and the site redeveloped as Clackamas Crossing.
  • Clackamas Medical Office Building completed through a Development Agreement with the Mt. Scott Professional Center, LLC
  • Causey Fire Station construction completed through cooperative agreements with the North Clackamas School District and Clackamas County Fire District No. 1.

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