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Government Camp Village

Collins lake CondominiumsYear Formed: 1989

Area: Approximately 8,960 acres on the west slopes of Mt. Hood.

Purpose: To target public investments toward revitalizing this mountain community and encourage private developments such as resorts, hotel and condominium units, retail projects, restaurants, recreational facilities and single family homes

Assessed Value: $160 million in 2010, up from $24 million in 1989; collected tax increment financing revenues through June 30, 2008

Overview: Nestled on the slopes of Oregon's highest mountain peak, Government Camp Village is surrounded by Mt. Hood National Forest, which provides a wide range of year-round recreational opportunities and scenic vistas to residents and visitors. Located an hour from downtown Portland and within a few miles of three heavily-used alpine ski resorts, the community has the potential to be the destination recreational and retail center of Mount Hood.

Economic growth was slow in coming to this community. Over the past four decades a series of small fires, the relocation of Highway 26 around the village core, poor visibility from the highway, minimal infrastructure improvements and inadequate maintenance of public and private facilities have contributed to the slow economic improvement.


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