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What does it cost to license my dog?

1 year$24$41
2 years$46$72
3 years$66$108

When are license renewals due?

License renewals are due by the last day of the month in which the license expires. Beginning the first day of the following month a $10 per license late fee will be levied.


Why should I get my dog licensed?

What information do I have to give you to purchase a license?

You must have a valid rabies innoculation certificate issued and signed by the veterinarian at the time of licensing. Rabies vaccinations must be valid for the entire licensing period.

To obtain the discounted license rate for altered dogs, you must have a spay or neuter certificate with a complete description of the dog and the date of the surgery.

Where can I get a license?

You can obtain a license from Clackamas County Dog Services online, at our Animal Adoption and Education Center, 13141 SE Hwy 212, Clackamas, OR 97015 or at one of the participating Veterinarians.

If you live within the limits of the Cities of Lake Oswego or Happy Valley, you will need to obtain a license for your dog from your local city.

County Dog Laws and State Statutes

Dog Complaints - Barking Dogs

Complaints about barking dogs are the most frequent complaints received by Clackamas County Dog Services. As dog owners, we are responsible for the care and well-being of our pets, but sometimes we forget that our dogs can affect other people. We may not be aware of how much disturbance our own dogs are causing, or that we may have neighbors that are very sensitive to our dogs' sounds.

Dogs bark for a variety of reasons, but excessive barking can be caused by:

Things you can do if your dog is barking:

Resources for understanding and dealing with barking:

Often dog owners are unaware their dog is barking or that the barking is bothersome to neighbors.  We recommend talking with your neighbor to help them understand that their dogs barking is a concern for you. You may also contact Clackamas County Dispute Resolution Center for assistance in talking with your neighbors.

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