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Dog Services Volunteer Application

Information on volunteering with Dog Services.

Volunteer Application

We are able to provide our "guests" with a high quality of life due in large part to the efforts of many dedicated volunteers. Because most of our dogs are strays and we have no history on them, safety is our number one priority. Our volunteer program is a skills-advanced program. We do not require advancement, and have positions for everyone's interests. From our "housekeeping" team to working with dogs or helping out in the offices, we can fit you in! 

If you do wish to work with dogs, you will need to demonstrate understanding and skill at each level of the program. We provide complete training and support. The habits our volunteers teach the dogs are critical adoption and stay-at-home skills - truly life-saving work. 

To volunteer at Dog Services, you must be:

  • At least 18 years old to work in the shelter with the dogs. If you are between 10–18 years old, you may volunteer with a parent or guardian as a team.
  • Must be able to volunteer at least 2 hours weekly for 1 year
  • Able to attend a volunteer orientation class
  • A humane & caring person with time & love to share

If you meet these requirements and would like to fill out the application, we have the application available in PDF format. Choose the file below, print out the application, fill it out and either bring it in to us or mail it to us at: Dog Services Volunteer Application, 13141 SE Hwy 212, Clackamas, OR 97015. You will be contacted for an interview. Thank you for your interest.

  • Volunteer Application (PDF Format)
  • Volunteer Levels of Participation (PDF format)

Clackamas County Dog Services Foster Pet Program

Clackamas County Dog Services annually receives for shelter more than 2,000 dogs. We have a very active adoption program, work closely with various breed rescue and various local shelter and Humane Societies, space limitations do no always allow us to care for all adoptable dogs and cats as long as might be necessary to find them good homes.

The Foster Program was established to help us address this need. Selected adoptable dogs and cats are placed with qualified individuals -- often animal rescue organizations - who agree to provide both home and care to the animals, providing love and continued socialization and assistance in locating a permanent adoptive home for animal.


  • Applicants must themselves be in compliance with State and County Dog Control laws. They must have current licenses for any dogs they own.
  • Applicants must complete the information requested on Clackamas County Dog Services's standard Adoption Agreement form. Once the Adoption Agreement form is completed and submitted to Dog Services Staff, the applicant will be interviewed by shelter staff to ensure the applicant has the requisite knowledge and skills to properly care for fostered animals.
  • A premise inspection shall be required for all new Foster Applicants. This inspection is to ensure that the animal will have adequate, enclosed areas in which to live and exercise. Although Clackamas County Dog Services will foster only apparently healthy animals, the manner in which animals are initially received by us necessarily involves a risk that they may develop contagious diseases. An isolation area is strongly suggested, at least initially.
  • If the applicant is a renter, written consent for fostering must be obtained from the landlord, a copy of which must be provided to Clackamas County Dog Services.
  • The applicant must complete and sign a Foster Pet Agreement.
  • Applicants must agree: (1) it is the sole judgment of Clackamas County Dog Services if the animal to be placed will be spayed/neutered prior to placement; (2) the applicant shall have a licensed veterinarian inoculate any adults (6 months or older) dog against rabies; and (3) provide any other necessary and appropriate vaccinations and/or medical care. Due to serious budget constraints we are unable to reimburse foster parents for costs of veterinary services or any other costs related to the keeping of foster animals. Applicants must agree to absorb these costs themselves. Applicant agrees to provide us with copies of all documents from veterinarian visits, including inoculations, exams, etc.
  • Should a foster family locate a suitable adoptive family, the prospective adoptive family must submit to Dog Services a completed Adoption Application and Agreement form. Prospective adoptive families must meet all adoption criteria of Clackamas County Dog Services.
  • Foster families agree to not deliver fostered animals to any other person, unless so directed by Clackamas County Dog Services Staff. If Foster families are no longer able to care for an animal, they must return the animal to Clackamas County Dog Services.
  • Approval of Foster applicants and selection of appropriate animals for fostering, is exclusively within the discretion of Clackamas County Dog Services Staff.
  • Foster applicants agree to hold Clackamas County, Clackamas County Dog Services, its employees, officers and elected officials harmless for any damage, injury or harm resulting, directly or indirectly from the fostering of any animal.

Interested in fostering a dog? Fill out the three documents below and send them in:

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