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Candidate Filing Forms & Manuals / Campaign Finance

Required documents for Oregon elections.



Clackamas County Voters' Pamphlet Forms

Candidate & Measure Filing Forms

  • SEL101
    Filing of Candidacy for Major Political Party or Nonpartisan Nomination*
  • SEL102
    Petition for Major Political Party Nomination*
  • SEL105
    Precinct Committeeperson Candidate Filing*
  • SEL 121
    Petition for Nonpartisan Nomination*
  • SEL 150
    Withdrawal of Candidacy*
  • SEL 190
    Filing of Candidacy for Special District Nomination*
  • SEL 801
    Notice of County Measure Election*
  • SEL 802
    Notice of City Measure Election*
  • SEL 803
    Notice of District Measure Election*

(*Courtesy of the Oregon Secretary of State's Office)

Contribution and Expenditure Forms

  • SEL 220
    Candidate's Statement of Organization*
  • SEL 221
    Statement of Organization for Political Action Committee*
  • SEL 223
    Campaign Account Information*
  • SEL 301
    Statement Whether or Not Circulators will be Compensated*
  • PC7
    Certificate of Limited Contributions and Expenditures*
  • For other Secretary of State Contribution and Expenditure Forms, click here.

(*Courtesy of the Oregon Secretary of State's Office)

A comprehensive listing of Oregon's State and County Elections FORMS and MANUALS
can be found at the Oregon Secretary of State's web page, including:

  • Campaign Finance Manuals
  • Campaign Filing Forms
  • Candidates and Political Committees information
  • County, City, District, State Candidate and Elections Manuals
  • Oregon Election laws
  • Vote by Mail procedures guide
  • Initiative and Referendum Materials
  • Initiative, Referendum and Referral Log
  • Initiative and Referendum Filing forms
  • City and District Elections Manuals

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