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Measure Filings for May 21st Special District Election

Measure Filings

Special Notice for May 21 Election

Due to a mailhouse error, a very limited number of voters received two ballots for the May 21 special election. The ballots were distributed within a small area of Clackamas County. The Elections division is aware of the error. Voters who received two ballots should cast their ballot once and then discard the second ballot. If a voter should inadvertently cast two ballots, only one can be counted due to safeguards in the Election System. Anyone with questions is encouraged to contact the Elections division at 503-655-8510.

The Voters Pamphlet contains only the ballot title and explanatory statement filed for each measure.  Below are links to the complete information received by the Elections Division from each jurisdiction for each measure for which Clackamas County is the filing officer.

3-423 Amends Oregon City Charter to eliminate setback of water rates

3-424 Use of Certain County Resources for Portland Milwaukie Light Rail

3-425 North Clackamas Parks District Property Exchange with TriMet

3-426 Annexes Johnson City into Clackamas River Water District

3-427 Five-Year Local Option Levy for Fire Services

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