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Database Orders and Price List

Computer extracted orders from database

Orders are available by district, precinct, political party, age, zip code, motivated voters, military and long term voters.  Sort is by any field in the report.
Charges must be paid in full at time of pickup, or prior to mailing of any order. 

Lists (paper)

Available for any district in Clackamas County.

Labels (3 across gummed)

Available for any district in Clackamas County.

Electronic data

(Administrative Rule ORS 165.002.0020) Any person may obtain an electronic copy of a statewide or less than statewide voter list from the Office of Secretary of State, Elections Division, or any County Elections official. The following fees for providing a list electronically will apply:

All requests for a statewide or less than statewide voter list will be accompanied by a completed form SEL 510, Customer Request Form for Statewide or Less Than Statewide Voter List.

The voter list must not be used for commercial purposes. Under ORS 247.955 a person will not be considered to use voter list for commercial purposes if the person obtains the list of electors for the purpose of resale to candidates or political committees for political purposes only.

Election results

Paper Copy — $.25 per page
Paper copies of results by precinct of current elections are available at no charge for 30 days after results are placed on the Elections Division counter for public inspection. Statement of Votes Cast transferred to diskette - $.25 per race/measure or $5.00 for an entire election (whichever is less) plus $2.00 per diskette.

Address library

Paper Copy — $25.00


Copies of individual precinct maps (8½ x 11 black and white): $.25 per page

Prints of file maps Color B & W
11 x 17 $4.00 $2.50

Clackamas County Road Map

Available to print at home.

Precinct and/or Legislative District Maps

Printed map prices vary according to size.
Custom maps can be made to your specifications and needs and are billed at an hourly rate of $55.00 per hour. Materials are extra.

Contact Eric Bohard at:
Clackamas County GIS
121 Library Court, Oregon City, OR 97045

Election manuals

The following manuals can be found at the Secretary of State's website, as downloadable PDFs.

Other copy charges

$.25 per page
If information is available to copy to diskette - $.25 per page plus $2.00 per diskette.

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