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Political Signs

The size and placement of political signs does not come under election law.

The jurisdiction where you place your sign(s) will determine whom you call to ask about sign regulations. Signage regulations vary from place to place; listed below are telephone numbers for all the sign jurisdictions within Clackamas County.

State of Oregon
(for State roads or lands)
Marsha Kaehler

Karen McDonnell
Clackamas County
(for county roads or lands)

Placement of political signs is part of the
Zoning and Development Ordinance section 1010.13.

Planning Department
City of Barlow 503.266.1330  
City of Canby 503.266.7001 Planning Dept.
City of Damascus 503.658.8545  
City of Estacada 503.630.8270  Public Works
City of Gladstone 503.557.2766 Planning Department
City of Happy Valley 503.760.3325  Planning Department
City of Johnson City 503.655.9710  
City of Lake Oswego 503.675.3984 Robyn Christie, City Recorder
City of Milwaukie 503.786.7630  
City of Molalla 503.829.6855  
City of Oregon City 503.657.0891 Planning Department
City of Portland 503.823.7363 Permit Application Center
City of Rivergrove 503.639.6919  
City of Sandy 503.668.0880 Planning Department
City of Tualatin 503.691.3026 Planning Department, Stacy Fonseca
City of West Linn 503.655.6214 Police Department Business Line
City of Wilsonville 503.570.1506 Sandy King

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