Bluff Road/327th Ave. Intersection Enhancements


Project is in the planning phase.

Updated: Feb. 16, 2021

The intersection of SE Bluff Road and SE 327th Ave is an intersection with high volumes of traffic located north of Hwy 26 in the Boring area. The project will reconfigure the approaching roads and the intersection to encourage lower speeds for travelers turning onto and off of Bluff Road removing a portion of pavement, and adding signs, pavement markings and delineation.


To reduce travel speeds and traffic crashes, providing a safer roadway for all users at the intersection.


  • Design will start in late 2021, and construction will occur in 2022-2023.

Traffic impact

  • Intermittent lane closures may occur during construction

Current activities

  • Project planning


  • Project estimate $180,317.
  • Funding is provided from the Community Road Fund.

County Roads Take Me Home stickerProjects funded through the new Community Road Fund will increase safety, relieve congestion and maintain local roads.

Department Staff
Christian Snuffin
Project Manager