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Traffic Safety Commission Bylaws

Section 1. Membership

The Clackamas County Traffic Safety Commission will consist of a minimum of ten (10) and up to twelve (12) private citizen members and one or more high school members all of whom are residents of Clackamas County. The private citizen members will be appointed by the Board of County Commissioners in such manner deemed best to promote countywide participation. All members will serve without compensation. The term of such appointments will be for a period of four (4) years. The Commission, in such numbers and as it deems necessary, may appoint the high school student members. The additional student members shall for all purposes be treated as regular members of the Commission.

Vacancies in Commission membership resulting from resignation, death or other causes may be filled by appointment to a term equal to that of the replaced member's term, such term to start on the date of appointment. Failure to attend three (3) consecutive meetings may be cause for automatic release from membership.

Section 2. Organization.

The Commission may prepare and adopt rules for the conduct of its activities and shall elect a chair and vice-chair from among its members at its first regular meeting of each calendar year. The chair (and in that absence, the vice chair) will preside at each meeting. The County traffic engineering section will provide a staff secretary or a commission member shall be appointed as secretary by the chair to serve during chairs’ term of office. The secretary will record and distribute minutes of each meeting and prepare an annual report to the Board of County Commissioners of program goals, activities and accomplishments.

At least six (6) meetings per year will be scheduled on a regular basis at a time and location selected by the chair. A quorum must be present to vote. A quorum of the membership shall consist of a majority of the membership. The chair or presiding officer will vote only in the case of a tie vote.

The Commission will be supported by designated specific department staff serving as ex-officio nonvoting members of the Commission, who, in person, or by qualified representative shall:

  1. Provide consulting services and assistance in their respective technical areas; and
  2. Meet periodically as the “Official Coordinating Committee" with the chair of the Board of County Commissioners for the purpose of providing the coordination of County personnel and facilities necessary to review and implement programs suggested by the Commission.

    The Commission may be assisted by other governmental agencies serving the citizens of Clackamas County in traffic related functions and such agencies are hereby requested to participate as ex-officio nonvoting members of the Commission.

Section 3. Duties and Responsibilities

The Commission shall be specifically responsible for but are not limited to the following:

  1. Securing voluntary coordination and reinforcement of traffic safety activities conducted within the unincorporated areas and political subdivisions of the County in the functional areas of:
    Alcohol/Drugs in Relation to Traffic Safety
    Codes and Laws
    Debris Hazard Control and Cleanup
    Driver Education
    Emergency Medical Services
    Highway Design, Construction and maintenance
    Identification and Surveillance of Crash Locations
    Pedestrian Safety
    Police Traffic Services
    School Bus Safety
    Traffic Control Devices
    Traffic Courts
    Traffic Records
  2. Reviewing and developing written statements of highway safety needs in the aforementioned functional areas and developing immediate priorities and long-range goals for highway safety improvements.
  3. Advising the Board of County Commissioners and various County committees and agencies on highway safety matters.
  4. Maintaining liaison with highway safety programs carried on by the cities of the County and related State functions conducted in the County.
  5. Acting as an advisory body to the County highway safety coordinator for the purpose of developing local actions necessary to implement projects under the Federal Highway Safety Act of 1966. 
  6. Cooperating with nonofficial organizations and groups in developing and conducting public information programs directed to highway safety improvements.
  7. Developing procedures for periodic review and analysis of local highway safety improvement programs.

The Commission may establish special study groups and/or committees necessary to meet the responsibilities outlined in these bylaws to assure overall reduction in traffic crashes injuries and deaths.

Section 4. Policies

The Commission shall adopt and abide by the general operating policies recommended by the Chapter Conference of the National Safety Council. These policies are fundamentally as follows:

  1. This Commission shall operate as a nonprofit, nonpolitical organization devoted exclusively to accident prevention in trafficrelated instances.
  2. It shall operate in the general public interest serving the County as a whole. It shall serve no special interest.
  3. It shall work closely and cooperatively with official agencies having legal responsibility for safety. It shall provide constructive plans for improving traffic safety conditions and shall actively work for their accomplishment.
  4. It shall encourage and help all responsible local agencies, organizations, groups and individuals to engage in accident prevention activities within the sphere of their influence.
  5. It shall not endorse any commercial products or enterprise.
  6. It shall base its program upon competent analysis of crash problems in the area served, with major attention to major needs.
  7. It shall have a written statement of objectives and operating policies.
  8. It shall make a formal appraisal of its operations, in terms of objectives and program goals, at least annually, and shall report these policies and findings to the Board of County Commissioners.

Section 5. Authority to Bind

Neither the Commission, as a whole, nor any member or members individually or collectively shall exercise authority to bind Clackamas County, its officers or agents to financial commitment or obligation without the express written consent of the appropriate County officer and the funding obligation citation for the source and amount. However, funds made available to the Commission from various sources may be used at the discretion of the Commission when approval-of a majority of the membership is obtained. Funds obtained by the Commission from sources other than public funds will not be commingled with public funds, but a periodic accounting of the receipts and expenditures of such funds will be provided to the Board of County Commissioners.

ADOPTED this 22nd day of January, 2008


Lynn Peterson, Chair

Mary Raethke, Recording Secretary

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