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Salmon River (Elk Park Road) Bridge Replacement

Project Description: Replace the existing one-lane bridge with a new two-lane bridge. The current bridge, built in 1958, is reaching the end of its functional life and is weight-limited.  The 18-month construction  project includes building a temporary detour bridge, removing the old bridge, building the new bridge and then removing the detour bridge.

Updated: 02/22/2018

Status:Site preparation beginning in March 2018


Contact: Stan Monte, Project Manager, or 503-742-4678

Consultant: OBEC Consulting Engineers

Contractor:  JAL Construction, Bend, Oregon

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Project Exhibits:

 Elk Park Bridge view from road
Elk Park Road

Sideview of Elk Park Bridge
Sideview of the Bridge

Elk Park Bridge underneath
Underside of the Bridge

Elk Park Bridge river view
Salmon River

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