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Roadway Standards

Clackamas County's Roadway Standards apply to the design and construction of public and private roadway improvements.

These Roadway Standards provide the minimum criteria for design and construction of roadways, accesses, site development and integrated drainage facilities under the jurisdiction of Clackamas County.  Roadway designs strive to achieve sustainable outcomes when safety, convenience, aesthetics, resource protection, ease of maintenance and community livability are considered. 

The purpose of the Roadway Standards is to:

  • Provide specific, consistent and acceptable road design and construction elements for applicants, developers and other private parties constructing or modifying road right-of-way facilities or on-site improvements that require County permits;
  • Establish uniform criteria that provide flexibility in guiding the County's designs and construction of its own facilities;
  • Implement the Clackamas County Zoning and Development Ordinance, the Clackamas County Comprehensive Plan and the Clackamas County Capital Improvement Plan, and
  • Allow for practical approaches to road design and construction challenges that provide the best fit solution given the realities of financial constraints and community context.

The standards are not intended to limit the creative efforts of engineers in providing alternate solutions to specific problems or relieve the responsibility for professional engineering judgment.  Practical designs are encouraged that preserve the function and safety of the roadway system and promote sustainability by offering benefits to aesthetics, resource protection, ease of maintenance and livability.

Clackamas County is interested in comments and suggestions for improvements to the Roadway Standards.  Please send any comments or questions to Senior Traffic Engineer Rick Nys or call him at 503-742-4702. 

Roadway Standards, Updated February 2013

Roadway Standards Drawings

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