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Business Hours: Monday through Friday
7 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Limited Operations Friday 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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Facilities Management

Phone 503-557-6416
Fax 503-655-8658
Facilities Manager: Jeff Jorgensen

Name Unit (Location) Phone
Johnson, Cory Facilities Administrator 503-557-6422
Robertson, Dan Facilities Construction and Projects Supervisor 503-557-6419
Sanchez, Ralph Facilities Maintenance Supervisor 503-557-6417

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Finance Division

Phone 503-742-5400
Payroll Questions 503-742-5438
Fax 503-742-5401
Finance Director: Marc Gonzales 503-742-5405
Finance Manager: David Bodway 503-742-5424
Budget Manager: Diane Padilla 503-742-5425
Payroll Manager:  Vicky Anderson 503-742-5404
Assistant Finance Director: Christa Wolfe 503-742-5407
Grants Manager: Jeff Aldridge 503-742-5420

Name Unit (Location) Phone
Gab, Mary Accounts Payable 503-742-5411
Kralj, Carolyn Accounts Payable 503-742-5433
Newell, Michelle Accounts Payable 503-742-5426
Oberson, Cindy Accounts Payable 503-742-5431
Bowman, Cheryl Accounts Receivable 503-742-5428
Tinnon, Alissa Accounts Receivable 503-742-5462
Trumpower, Cindy Accounts Receivable 503-742-5437
Unck, Nicole Accounts Receivable 503-742-5430
Fisher, Roxann Budget 503-742-5414
Zhang, Jian Budget 503-742-5434
Jung, Michael Finance Admin 503-742-5439
Johnson, Jennifer Finance Admin 503-742-5409
Sharp, Tania Finance Admin 503-742-5423
Unger, Sue Finance Admin 503-742-5427
Aronson, Sue Grant Accounting 503-742-5421
Bounnam, Bouavieng Grant Accounting 503-742-5422
Crumbaker, Larry Grant Accounting 503-742-5429
Morasko, Mike Grant Accounting 503-742-5435
Westbrook, Matt Grant Accounting 503-742-5417
Bryson, Arlene Payroll 503-742-5412
Kay, Linda Payroll 503-742-5411
Kuykendall, Laurel Payroll 503-742-5416
Nickerson, Greta Payroll 503-742-5415
Stromberg, Pattie Payroll 503-742-5432
Kiree Jett Reception 503-742-5445

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Fleet Services Division

Phone 503-650-3222
Fax 503-650-3024
Fleet Services Manager: John Stockham

Name Unit (Location) Phone
Aguilar, Amy Fleet Admin 503-650-3243
Phillips, Malorie Fleet Admin 503-650-3300
Sayre, Linn Fleet Parts Buyer 503-650-3252

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Procurement Division

Phone 503-742-5444
Fax 503-742-5440
Procurement Manager: George Marlton

Name Unit (Location) Phone
Coy, Annmarie Courier 503-655-8609
Gibson, Jocelyn Courier 503-655-8609
Vizenor, Hugh Courier 503-655-8609
Fuller, Tamara Mail Room 503-655-8609
Bergstrom, Laurie Procurement 503-742-5441
Bride, Patricia Procurement 503-742-5447
Churchill, Abigail Procurement 503-742-5449
Randall, Kimberly Procurement 503-742-5443
Rice, Ryan Procurement 503-742-5446

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Public Services Building


Phone number 503-742-5400
Fax: 503-742-5401
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