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Beavercreek Health Center

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1425 Beavercreek Road, Oregon City, OR 97045 | 503-655-8471

Open Monday – Friday from  8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
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Accepting new patients!

Your health matters here! The Beavercreek Health Center offers a convenient all-in-one health center for individuals and families to access medical, dental, and mental health services!  Clackamas Health Centers offers care on a sliding fee scale to eligible uninsured and underinsured people.  No one is refused care due to an inability to pay.

Call 503-655-8471 to make an appointment today!

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Medical Services

We provide quality health care at an affordable price for the entire family. Our skilled bilingual medical staff work with patients of all ages for anything from regular checkups and treatment of the common cold, to managing chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and more:

*Clackamas Health Centers will NOT provide narcotics for pain on the first visit.

We accept Oregon Health Plan (OHP)/Medicaid, Medicare, and many private plans. For those without insurance or who are underinsured, we offer services on a sliding scale based on income (proof of income required) with a fee of at least $20 to be paid for medical visits at the time of appointment.

Mental Health & Addiction Services

Our Mental Health Specialist and Behavioral Health Consultant are onsite to provide outpatient counseling services for both mental health and drug and alcohol issues.  These services are provided to patients to assist in overcoming dependencies, adjusting to life, and making changes.

We accept all forms of insurance with mental health coverage. For those without mental health coverage, please contact Clackamas MHO at 503-742-5335.

Dental Services

Our dental services include basic cleanings, x-rays, fillings, extractions, and more.

We accept OHP (CareOregon, Capitol, Moda-Plus (formerly ODS), Open Card), CAWEM (Standard and Plus), and Moda (formerly ODS) commercial dental insurance plans.  For those without insurance or who are underinsured, we offer services on a sliding scale based on income (proof of income required) with a fee of at least $40 to be paid for dental visits at the time of appointment.

Office of Assistance for Cover Oregon

The Office of Assistance for Cover Oregon is conveniently located inside the Beavercreek Health & Wellness Center.  Patients and community members have access to Cover Oregon Enrollment Assistants to help them enroll in Cover Oregon - Oregon's online health insurance marketplace.  By enrolling in Cover Oregon, Oregonians can shop for and compare health insurance plans right for the individual or the entire family.  Cover Oregon also provides real-time notification for OHP eligibility as well as for financial assistance to help pay for premiums.  The Office of Assistance for Cover Oregon staff can also answer questions about Cover Oregon, Medicaid (OHP), and the enrollment process.

Call with questions or to schedule an appointment 503-655-8336.
Se habla español.

Office Hours
Monday - Thursday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


To best meet the needs of our patients, our staff is divided into patient care teams. Each care team, or "pod," works in partnership with the patient to strengthen his or her motivation for a commitment to change. The patient is at the center of the care team and is surrounded by the support of family, medical and dental providers, nurses, assistants, interpreters, and counselors, all working together to improve the health of the patient.


Dr. Andrew Suchocki, MD, Medical Director; Elisa Engbretson, FNP; Cherry Pisigan, FNP; Rebecca Swora, CNM; Sarah Present, MD; Nicole Webber, FNP, Heather Whetstone, MD; Virginia McIntyre, RN; Pam Calvert, RN; Certified Medical Assistants: Patti, Luisa, Belinda, Patricia, Fran, and Jill.

Mental Health and Addictions

Karen Carpenter, LCSW; Hazel Whitman, LCSW; Matt Azar, BHC


Katherine Cook, DDS; Liuning Yu, DMD; Wing Djaya, DMD; Casey Norlin, DMD; Ida Hazeem-Loyous, DMD; Daniel Cosovan, RDH; and EFDAs Shawnee, Calley, Christina, Lisa, and Karen.

OHP Office

Elsie, Tiffany, Cecilia, and Kathlynn

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