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Health Care

Clackamas County Health Centers can treat everything from bumps and bruises to colds and flu and more serious health problems.

We offer health care services for families and individuals in Clackamas County.  We are your home for high quality medical care – from physical exams to family planning.  If you need a primary care physician, our team of medical professionals can help.  We are committed to using the latest in medical practices that focus on each patient as an individual, and we work to take care of health and wellness of the whole person.

To learn more about our clinics, get signed up as a patient, or to schedule an appointment call (503) 655-8471.

Paying For Services

We provide low-cost, quality healthcare for our community. We accept many health plans, including Medicare, Oregon Health Plan (OHP) and various private health plans. We can courtesy bill your insurance company.  For those without insurance, we offer low fees based on income. A minimum fee of at least $20 for medical care and $40 for dental care is required for uninsured patients at time of appointment.

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