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Community Connections

Community Connections, in collaboration with community partners, holds youth meaningfully accountable to repair the harm caused by their offense through local community service projects. Within the youth’s own community, projects are developed to expand the youth’s support, relationships, and resources, while also strengthening their employment and social competencies.

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Community Connections is committed to:

  • hold youth offenders accountable to fulfill their obligations as community members;
  • connect youth with citizens and agencies in their own communities;
  • support youth in developing practical job skills, improving pro-social attitudes, and strengthening confidence to find meaningful employment;
  • expanding their educational and life experiences;
  • provide a positive work environment for youth;
  • expand and cultivate meaningful community partnerships, involvement, and projects; and
  • apply the values and principles of balanced and restorative justice in our practice.

Program Overview

Clackamas County Juvenile Department (CCJD), in collaboration with its partners, offers Community Connections services enabling youth offenders to be held accountable to address harm caused in their own communities as a result of their offense.  The program strives to do this through local  service projects that are meaningful to the community and simultaneously build the work and social competencies of the referred youth.  Click here for an in-depth program description of Community Connections.

Program Benefits

  • Provides community agencies and citizens an opportunity to play an active and important role in the lives of their community’s at-risk youth.
  • Community agencies receive volunteer support from youth obligated to give back to their community in meaningful ways.
  • Meaningful relationships and connections are established between youth, community citizens, and community agencies.
  • Youth expand and strengthen networks and support systems while developing employment, education, social skills, and competencies.
  • Provides an opportunity for youth to identify a new role and context for themselves in their community and to create a vision for their future that involves community connection.

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