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Every effort is made by the Clackamas County Juvenile Court to place youth in the least restrictive setting available. Community safety is the primary reason for utilizing secure detention. The length of stay for a youth being held in detention varies greatly.

Youth who are placed in detention by Clackamas County juvenile authorities are housed at the Donald E. Long Home detention facility located in Portland, Oregon. Donald E. Long Home is a professionally staffed detention facility which will provide for the health, security and safety needs of youth who are being detained. Contact information for Donald E. Long Home is as follows:

Donald E. Long Home
1401 N.E. 68th Street
Portland, Oregon 97213
(503) 988-3475(503) 988-3475

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Eligibility for Detention

Youth are held in detention for a variety of reasons, most of which center around three issues:

  • Community Safety
  • Assuring the Youth will Appear for a Court Hearing
  • Holding the Youth Accountable

In addition to the above three issues, there are further legal standards which must be met before a youth can be placed in detention. No youth under 12 years of age can be held in detention prior to a judicial review. Generally, at least one of the following criteria must be met. A youth is eligible for placement in detention if:

  • charged with a felony crime
  • charged with a crime involving physical injury to another person
  • he or she willfully failed to appear for a Juvenile Court hearing by failing to obey a summons, subpoena or citation
  • he or she violated probation or conditional release
  • he or she was illegally in possession of a firearm in violation (ORS166.250)
  • a warrant for the custody of that youth has been issued
  • the youth is a fugitive or runaway from another state
  • a misdemeanor under ORS 166.025
  • the youth is required to be held in detention for the reasonable protection of the victim

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