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Important Guidelines when Supporting Skills Groups

The key support is being another positive adult who is taking the time to be fully present with youth in the group.

There are two types of ways to be supportive in a group. There are technical ways and compassionate ways you are supportive during the group experience. The following are some examples of each.

Learning objectives and corresponding skill sets

  1. Promote the use of restorative justice in the juvenile justice system, in schools, in the workplace and elsewhere in the community to bring awareness to the effectiveness of this systematic approach
  2. Gain skills to build rapport with youth and practice these skills
  3. Develop skills to lead the work of youth and practice redirecting youth back to the assigned project
  4. Have knowledge of program expectations and assist in holding youth accountable

Technical support

Compassionate support

Other important aspects to be aware of as you start your experience in Skills Groups

***When you can, join me for the Skills Group Facilitator Training which is offered 3 times per year. You can get the dates of an upcoming training from the Intern and Volunteer Coordinator.***

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