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Victim Impact Program Volunteer/Intern Needed

Victim Impact Program is in search of a spring/summer volunteer or intern to assist with meaningful administrative tasks that provide support to victims of juvenile offenses within our community. This volunteer would work in collaboration with the Victim Services Coordinator to provide information and support to victims, assist in the Victim-Offender Dialogue referral process, and gather and document feedback from victims we have served in order to improve our quality of service.

Background information

Clackamas County Juvenile Department is committed to responding effectively to the needs and concerns of community members who arevictims of offenses committed by juvenile offenders. Our pro-active outreach and restorative engagement with victims is intended to express the community’s awareness and concern that they have been harmed. It is important that we understand what harm they have experienced and how wecan respond in ways that are helpful and meaningful to them. Our primary goal through the Victim Impact Program is to reach out to victims in order to effectively respond to, and serve, their interests. 

Victims of crime have clearly stated what issues are most important to them and the response they would like to receive from the justice system. People who have been victimized generally want: acknowledgement, information, a voice and a choice to participate.

Intern/volunteer duties and responsibilities

A volunteer for Victim Impact Program would have the opportunity to do the following:

This commitment would require approximately 2-3 hours per week from April to September, 2017. Schedule will be agreed upon between supervising Restorative Justice Coordinator, Victim Services Coordinator, and volunteer.

Learning objectives

If you are interested in this meaningful opportunity to serve victims, please contact Lori Bell for more information.

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