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The Activities Team (A-Team for short) exists to help build connections among employees so that we are more knowledgeable about county services and programs. When we get together, our informal conversations lead to valuable knowledge about who we are and what we do as a County. We also facilitate fun!

A-Team Mission: We are a group of county employees who volunteer to build connections and help make Clackamas County a better place to work.


  • To develop opportunities for interaction among staff and families.
  • To acknowledge the value and contribution of employees, past and present.
  • To improve customer service through team building and awareness of our County services.

The A-Team consists of members from each County Department with the approval of their manager. Many of our events are funded through an “Activities Fund.” Any employee or group of employees can organize something for their office or for the entire county. We’ve seen events such as the chili & cornbread contest, blueberries and ice cream, Pickles Baseball, bowling, and Walk-Connect. We welcome your ideas and organization skills.

A tradition is “Employee Week” the first full week of August, culminating in the County Picnic. Employees plan events for other employees during the week, and the A-Team plans the picnic event. Often it is held on the Red Soils campus during a Thursday lunch hour, and once every several years, we take it off-site on a weekend. Families are welcome.

The A-Team meets the first Wednesday of the month from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. If you are interested, please contact your supervisor and then e-mail the A-Team for more information.