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There are a couple of options for making a reservation in a Clackamas County Park facility

1)  Call the Parks Administration Office at 503-742-4414  (Hours are Monday through Thursday, 7:00 am to 6:00 pm)

  • Do you know which park and dates you want?
  • We will need mailing address, phone number(s), and an email address to be able reach you, if necessary
  • Please have credit card ready

2)  Email the Parks Administration Office at

  • This may take a little longer, since several emails may have to transpire to communicate availability, etc

3)  Reserve online yourself at

  • Reserving online can be done 24 hours/day and must be at least three days and up to one year in advance
  • If you are new to the Clackamas County Parks online system, select your camping/picnicking site(s) through the reservation system.  After your selection(s) is made, then the system will ask you to set up your account just before you "check out"
  • If you have reserved through the Administration Office or at one of the Parks, and have provided an email or phone number, then you can choose "I have reserved before, but do not have a password" and follow the instructions.  If you encounter any issues, then call the Administration Office and we can assist you in completing your account setup for you

Please keep in mind:

  • Double check your park, site and date selections before checking out! If you make a mistake and process your payment anyway, you will need to call the Administration Office to correct the error, and an $8 change/cancellation fee will be charged. Make sure you're certain of your selections
  • Sites left in your "Cart" for more than 10 minutes without payment will be dropped & be made available to the public again
  • Once you click the "Pay by Credit Card" button, do not click the browser back button (your payment will not be processed & your reservation will hang in limbo and the Administration Office will delete it out of the system)
  • Once you click the "Pay by Credit Card" button, do not click the "Process" button more than once, or you will be charged more than once!
  • Emails used on the accounts can only be used once (so two people cannot have two seperate accounts and use the same email)
  • You may log in at any time to view and/or reprint your past reservations

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