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Proposed Amendments to the Comprehensive Plan and the Zoning and Development Ordinance

Files listed below are proposals to amend the Comprehensive Plan and/or the Zoning and Development Ordinance. Posted materials include notices of public hearing dates and drafts of the amendments. Every effort is made to post the most recent materials; however, hearings may be rescheduled and revisions to the proposals are common.  Therefore, you are encouraged to contact the Planning and Zoning Division at (503) 742-4500, or the project manager for details. Contact information for the project manager is included in the posted hearing notice.

Clackamas County is considering amendments to the Comprehensive Plan, and Zoning and Development Ordinance to allow for transitional shelter communities as conditional uses in the Light Industrial and General Industrial urban zones.

Z0490-13-CP, Z0491-13-ZAP
Hal’s Construction LUBA Remand
On June 12, 2014, The Board of County Commissioners (BCC) approved a Comprehensive Plan map change from Rural (R) to Rural Industrial (RI) and a corresponding zone change from Rural Residential Farm Forest, 5-acre (RRFF-5) to Rural Industrial (RI) for a portion of the subject properties that contains an existing construction and vehicle maintenance business. Subsequent to that approval, the decision was appealed to the Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA), identifying a total of 10 assignments of error. On November 20, 2014, LUBA issued a decision denying three of the 10 assignments of error (four, five, and six), and remanding all, or parts, of the remaining seven assignments of error to the County. A limited portion of LUBA’s decision was appealed to the Oregon Court of Appeals. On April 1, 2015, the Court affirmed LUBA’s decision to remand the decision to the County. Ooten v. Clackamas County, 270 Or. App. 214 (2015).

Case File #ZDO-259 would amend the Comprehensive Plan by adding the Monroe Neighborhood Street Design Plan to Appendix B and updating Table 5-3(a): 20-Year Capital Project list. Case file #ZDO-259 would also amend the County’s Active Transportation Plan by updating the Monroe Street route description and modifying the recommended Monroe Street facility improvements to be consistent with the Monroe Neighborhood Street Design Plan. Lastly, Case File #ZDO-259 include minor updates and clarification amendments to the county’s urban roadway cross sections: local, connector, collector and arterial roads. You are encouraged to review the draft Monroe Neighborhood Street Design Plan document and the associated draft Comprehensive Plan amendments, posted on the county’s Bikes and Pedestrians webpage.

Z0419-15-C/Z0420-15-ZAP Postponed indefinitely
BL & DJ LLC/Jerry Jones, Jr.
This application has been postponed indefinitely at the applicant’s request.
Proposed Comprehensive Plan Amendment from Agriculture to Rural Industrial with a corresponding Zone Change from Exclusive Farm Use (EFU) to Rural Industrial (RI) to allow for the storage and detailing of vehicles for eventual sale on a different site.


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