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Proposed Amendments to the Comprehensive Plan and the Zoning and Development Ordinance

Files listed below are proposals to amend the Comprehensive Plan and/or the Zoning and Development Ordinance. Posted materials include notices of public hearing dates and drafts of the amendments. Every effort is made to post the most recent materials; however, hearings may be rescheduled and revisions to the proposals are common.  Therefore, you are encouraged to contact the Planning and Zoning Division at (503) 742-4500, or the project manager for details. Contact information for the project manager is included in the posted hearing notice.

Proposed Comprehensive Plan and ZDO Amendments: Clackamas Regional Center Connections Project
The Clackamas Regional Center Connections Project was initiated in response to issues identified in the 2013 Transportation System Plan (TSP) Update. At the time the TSP was updated there were concerns that within the Clackamas Regional Center, congestion at intersections would limit future development and the developer’s ability to mitigate impacts to the roadway system.

Z0419-15-C/Z0420-15-ZAP Postponed indefinitely
BL & DJ LLC/Jerry Jones, Jr.
This application has been postponed indefinitely at the applicant’s request.
Proposed Comprehensive Plan Amendment from Agriculture to Rural Industrial with a corresponding Zone Change from Exclusive Farm Use (EFU) to Rural Industrial (RI) to allow for the storage and detailing of vehicles for eventual sale on a different site.


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