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Proposed Amendments to the Comprehensive Plan and the Zoning and Development Ordinance

Files listed below are proposals to amend the Comprehensive Plan and/or the Zoning and Development Ordinance. Posted materials include notices of public hearing dates and drafts of the amendments. Every effort is made to post the most recent materials; however, hearings may be rescheduled and revisions to the proposals are common.  Therefore, you are encouraged to contact the Planning and Zoning Division at (503) 742-4500, or the project manager for details. Contact information for the project manager is included in the posted hearing notice.

Marijuana-Related Land Uses
These proposed amendments would implement regulations for marijuana land uses, including production, processing, wholesaling, and retailing.

Z0294-15-CP / Z0295-15-ZAP
Brosy/Goby Walnut & Western Hardwoods
Proposed Comprehensive Plan Amendment from Agriculture to Rural Industrial with a corresponding Zone Change from Exclusive Farm Use (EFU) to Rural Industrial (RI) for 5.25 acres of the 20-acre parcel to allow for the processing of salvaged wood and trees into products that would be sold for custom woodworking uses.

Powerhouse ReGen/Bull Run Schoolhouse/Roslyn Lake Park
Proposed Comprehensive Plan Amendment from Forest to Rural with a corresponding Zone Change from Timber District (TBR) to Farm Forest – 10 Acre (FF-10) with a Conditional Use for a Private park, campground, recreational grounds and other similar uses intended for obtaining a commercial profit.


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