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Proposed Amendments to the Comprehensive Plan and the Zoning and Development Ordinance

Files listed below are proposals to amend the Comprehensive Plan and/or the Zoning and Development Ordinance. Posted materials include notices of public hearing dates and drafts of the amendments. Every effort is made to post the most recent materials; however, hearings may be rescheduled and revisions to the proposals are common.  Therefore, you are encouraged to contact the Planning and Zoning Division at (503) 742-4500, or the project manager for details. Contact information for the project manager is included in the posted hearing notice.

ZDO-252/ZDO-253: Year 3 Zoning and Development Ordinance Audit
Portions of the County's Zoning & Development Ordinance (ZDO) are being reviewed this year as part of a five-year audit. The first year of the work program focused on the county's industrial zoning districts. The second year of the work program focused on procedural standards, urban residential zones, and urban commercial and mixed-use zones. In each of the first two years of the audit, amendments were made to streamline and reorganize portions of the ZDO and to implement new policies. A similar result is expected for this year's audit work, which is focused on rural residential, future urban, and rural commercial zones; development review process; and criteria for discretionary permits.

Z0372-14-CP / Z0373-14-ZAP
John Brosy for Goby Walnut & Western Hardwoods
The applicant is requesting a Comprehensive Plan Map Amendment from Agriculture to Rural Industrial with a corresponding Zone Change from Exclusive Farm Use (EFU) to Rural Industrial (RI) for 5.25 acres of a 20-acre parcel located at 25408 S. Highway 99E, Aurora.

Powerhouse ReGen/Bull Run Schoolhouse/Roslyn Lake Park
Proposed Comprehensive Plan Amendment from Forest to Rural with a corresponding Zone Change from Timber District (TBR) to Farm Forest – 10 Acre (FF-10) with a Conditional Use for a Private park, campground, recreational grounds and other similar uses intended for obtaining a commercial profit.

Z0212-14-CP / Z0213-14-ZAP
Oregon Lavender Farm
Comprehensive Plan Amendment from Agriculture to Rural Industrial with a corresponding Zone Change from Exclusive Farm Use (EFU) to Rural Industrial (RI) for 8.77 acres of the tract. The proposal requires a "Reasons" exception under ORS 197.732 and OAR 660-004-0018 through 0022 (Goal Exceptions), to allow for the warehousing and commercial distribution of agricultural and related goods not produced on the property, in conjunction with agricultural uses currently on the property.

ZDO-251: Active Transportation Plan
The purpose of the Clackamas County Active Transportation Plan (ATP) is to identify and prioritize the primary network of active transportation corridors or routes that connect the communities in Clackamas County, both rural and urban.


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