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Public Health Advisory Committee Charter


Clackamas County Public Health Division (CCPHD) provides an array of services and programs aimed at protecting and promoting the health of the residents of our county. One of the major responsibilities of the division is to create partnerships to work collaboratively in addressing health issues. One way to engage community members is through the Public Health Advisory Committee (PHAC).

The PHAC provides a sounding board and a community voice in the review and revision of public health programs, strategies and goals. The PHAC assures a needed link to community input into implementing the Community Health Improvement Plan and in assuring alignment with standards addressing community partnerships. The PHAC also convenes as the Ethics Committee for the Clackamas County Public Health Division.

Function/Roles of the PHAC

The purpose of the committee is to provide the voice of the community to CCPHD and a forum for the discussion of population health issues that impact Clackamas County residents. Some of the functions of the PHAC include:

Membership and Composition of the PHAC

The committee will not exceed 20 members that represent: the business community, consumers, faith-based organizations, food/nutrition, healthcare organizations, non-profit organizations, government agencies, schools/education and youth/students. Clackamas County employees are not eligible to serve.

PHAC members currently serve staggered 3-year membership terms. Memberships have no limits and may be renewed upon completion of a member’s term. Strong efforts are made by the committee to solicit new members from various geographic areas and communities, and will be representative of a variety of industries and priority populations within the county. The Public Health Division Director makes a formal recommendation to the H3S Director of any new PHAC members. Members are not appointed by the Board of County Commissioners.

The following is the committee’s current membership:

Business Community




Healthcare Organization

Non-Profit Organization

Government Agencies



Public Health Director Dawn Emerick
Health Officer Dr. Sarah Present
Public Health Programs Manager Julie Aalbers
PHAC Coordinator Susan Berns-Norman
Epidemiologist Anna Menon

Meetings and Commitments

Committee meetings are held at least every other month for an hour and half at various locations across Clackamas County. Members are encouraged to spend additional time outside of meetings reading current public health literature, preparing for Advisory Committee meetings, and building partners to support implementation of the Community Health Improvement Plan. All members of the committee will serve without compensation. CCPHD will be expected to provide administrative coordination and preparation for committee meetings.

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