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Report a Disease: call (503) 655-8411, option 1

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For the most current information on Ebola, please visit Oregon Health Authority or call 211.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ebola
If you have any further questions, please call the Communicable Disease staff at 503-655-8411.

Healthcare providers-- to report a disease 24/7:

According to OAR 333-018, all physicians, healthcare providers and laboratory personnel are required by law to submit reportable disease information to their local health department. Reporting makes it possible to provide the appropriate public health follow-up for patients, helps identify outbreaks and provides a better understanding of Oregon health patterns. Follow-up investigation for all reportable communicable diseases is done by Registered Nurses. Special attention will be given to schools and day care facilities.

When cases of communicable disease are found, Public Health Division Communicable Disease Nurses conduct confidential investigations to determine the source of the infection. Some diseases are spread via talking, coughing and sneezing, while others are spread through contaminated water, food, blood and/or sexual contact. All communicable diseases must be investigated thoroughly to prevent the spread of disease.

We will respond to most after-hours communicable disease calls the next business day. However, an emergency response will be activated for urgent situations.

For a list of communicable diseases that require reporting by a medical provider please see the most current listing and additional information at the State of Oregon's Communicable Disease Program.

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