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Garbage and Recycling Enclosures


See Zoning and Development Ordinance (ZDO), Section 1021

The first step is the design review pre-application meeting. In this informal discussion, county staff (including a solid waste/recycling representative) and appropriate service providers (e.g., water, fire, sanitary sewer, surface water) provide information and requirements to help applicants fine-tune their project plans.

If the project goes forward and is deemed feasible by county staff and the Design Review Committee, the next step for the applicant is to revise the site plan to meet any conditions of approval. Typically, one of the conditions will be to "meet the requirements relative to trash and recycling enclosures" and get a "sign off" from the Community Environment Division Solid Waste and Recycling staff.

Applicants should take advantage of our assistance. Susan Terry, of the Community Environment Division Solid Waste and Recycling staff, can help you determine the size and placement of the garbage/recycling enclosure(s). She will consult with the franchised solid waste collector for your project area. She also can provide detailed sample plans. 


It is important to communicate early in the design process since a failure to meet ZDO Section 1021 can delay the issuance of a final Certificate of Occupancy. Failure to meet the requirement also may result in a request to rebuild the enclosure.

Basic Requirements

What to Avoid

Waste Prevention Assistance for Businesses

Clackamas County provides free technical assistance to businesses on how to reduce waste, reuse materials and recycle unneeded materials. Businesses will receive free desk side recycling boxes and learn how to set up an efficient inside program that enhances the use of the outdoor enclosure. Call 503-557-6363 for a free consultation

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Office buidling enclosureEnclosures do not have to be unsightly. This enclosure was designed to complement a new commercial office building.
Large stone enclosure with service doorAnother large, well-designed enclosure, this includes a smaller service door. It encourages employees and janitorial staff to put materials inside the enclosure because they do not have to open the heavier gates.
Cedar sided enclosureBuilt with the same cedar siding as the professional office building, this spacious enclosure looks good and works well. Posts provide extra protection.
Accessible enclosure for service vehiclesUsing design elements from the main building, this enclosure sits in the middle of a parking lot. Service vehicles have good access to it.
Large enclosure with building design elementsThis large enclosure uses design elements from the new municipal building.
Example of a chain link and slat enclosureAn example of a chain link and slat enclosure.
Insuffiently small enclosure for a strip mallToo small for a group of strip mall tenants, this enclosure has been damaged. Tenants leave trash outside, creating an unsightly and potentially rat-infested area. Furthermore, it is not conducive to recycling.
Small, unsightly enclosureSmall and unsightly, this enclosure does not meet the needs of this multifamily dwelling.
Open containers at a shopping mallApproved before ZDO Section 1021 - this shopping mall places containers in full view of the street. It is unsightly for the residential development across the street, it promotes illegal dumping, and is prone to contamination of recyclables.
Poorly designed enclosure with collector moving containerDon't try this at home! The collector is pulling out a 1,200 pound container that could have been picked up mechanically if the enclosure had been well designed.

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