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Recycling at Events Guide

Why use a valuable product only once and then send it to be buried in a landfill? We all need to help remove these items from the garbage stream. By recycling plastic bottles, cans, glass and cardboard, you can capture the energy and resources already used to make products.

5 steps for recycling success at your event

Step 1: Choose the containers Outdoor recycling container

Step 2: Determine how materials will be recycled/disposed?

Step 3: Communicate with vendors, exhibitors and attendees

Step 4: Set-up collection stations

Step 5: Keep things running smoothly

Assembling the ClearStream frame and bag

Each rack requires, at minimum, a 35-40 gallon bag (approximate dimension 40” X 48”). Use only clear bags for recycling and only black bags for garbage.

Setting up outdoor recycling 1. Set up frame with rounded slots facing up and pull the bag through the slot.
Setting up outdoor recycling 2. Fold edge back over the frame. Repeat on other side.
Setting up outdoor recycling 3. Tug on center edges of bag between frame to secure.
Setting up outdoor recycling 4. Extend frame and place blue lid over frame.

Recycling drop-off locations

The facilities listed below accept recyclables such as glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles, buckets and tubs, paper and metal. Hours and materials accepted are subject to change. Call Metro’s Recycling Hotline at 503-234-3000, or visit for the most current recycling information.

Request free containers for events

We loan recycling containers for collecting plastic bottles and aluminum cans at events in Clackamas County. Request containers for your event.

Request containers for your event

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