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Multifamily Community Recycling

If you live in an apartment, condominium, or trailer court you should have the opportunity to recycle on the property. This is not simply a good idea, it is the law. The Oregon Recycling Act, ORS 459a, requires multifamily complexes throughout the County to provide "... a separate location for containers or depots for at least four principal recyclable materials..."

Recycling at your community is a four-way partnership, including you, your manager, your garbage and recycling company, and your local government.

  • Your Role
    Prepare materials according to directions. Recycle only those items that have collection containers at your recycling stations. If you do not hold up your end of the partnership the entire system may fail.
  • The Managers Role
    To provide you with instructions for material preparation and a clean recycling and trash area. The manager is also responsible for checking the containers to make sure materials are prepared correctly.
  • The Garbage and Recycling Company's Role
    Collect your properly prepared recyclables. Maintain the collection containers in good working order and keep them labeled correctly.
  • Clackamas County's Role
    Provide educational materials and assist property managers with implementation.

If you don't have a recycling system now you can take your recycling to a recycling depot near you.

Filling up your dumpster with recyclables is a waste of valuable resources. If you don't have recycling at your community, please contact your manager or Clackamas County. 

Help make your recycling program a success. Recycling guides and signs are available. Contact Clackamas County at 503-557-6363 or

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