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FREE recycling, waste reduction and sustainability assistance for schools

The Clackamas County Office of Sustainability and the Clackamas County Refuse and Recycling Association work together to support school sustainability and recycling efforts. Contact Laurel Bates, Waste Reduction Education Coordinator at 503-742-4454 or for help with your sustainability program or the resources, recycling containers, presentations or kits below.

School Recycling Guide

Click on the link above to access Clackamas County's school recycling guide.

Classroom Presentations & Resources

"Saving Little Pieces of our Earth" Video
13-minute video that tells the story of what happens at a recycling sorting center. Available on DVD.

"Kid Stuff"
16-page booklet with waste reduction and resource conservation information and activities (PDF version). Grades 4-7

Trash Audit Kit
See what’s in your school’s trash and what can be done to reduce it (a step to becoming an Oregon Green School). Kit includes scale, buckets, signage, forms, clipboards, gloves and drop cloths. Grades 2-12

From Earth to Landfill Presentation
An overview of where our garbage comes from and where it goes.
Emphasis on reduction, reuse, recycling and steps toward sustainability.
Grades 2-12

Worming Through Waste Kit
Explore composting with worms and the entire worm bin ecosystem. Grades 2-12

Recycling containers and posters
Cardboard deskside and central collection containers, blue recycling bins, clear streams, decals and posters are available.

Oregon Green Schools

Clackamas County supports the Oregon Green Schools Association, a recognition program for school sustainability programs. We can help with the application and certification process. Check out our current Clackamas County Green Schools.

Additional Resources

Clackamas County Green Schools

Links for Students and Teachers

Worm Bins for the classroom

End of the SchoolYear Recycling Guide

Stuff Presentation
Examine the lifecycle of a pop can, newspaper, hamburger, athletic shoes and a computer. Learn about their environmental impacts. Grades 7-12

Papermaking Kit
Make art paper from classroom scraps. Includes history of papermaking and the benefits of paper waste reduction. Requires volunteer assistance. Grades K-12

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