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Clackamas County Geodetic Control Standards

The datum for this project is NAD 83 (1998) for horizontal location and NAVD 1988 for vertical. The County GIS system is based upon the County Surveyor’s current datum. The County Surveyor’s office considers any datum other than NAD 83 (1998) and NAVD 1988 to be superseded data.

Superseded Data

Use of superseded data is strongly discouraged. However, we recognize that it is needed for vertical control related to Flood Plain work in areas where the FEMA maps have not been updated to NAVD 1988.

It has come to our attention, that some jurisdictions in Clackamas County are requesting professional surveyors perform work to other standards. If you are aware of this type of practice, we would ask you to provide us with particulars so we may contact the jurisdiction to determine if we can all work toward the same datum base.

For your information, all superseded GPS Records have been moved from our public research area to our vault. In the public file of the superseded record, you will find a note card to contact staff. This will allow us to encourage new work be performed to current standards, yet will allow the accessing of records when necessary.

Current GPS Control Efforts

The current County Control Network is now being densified on a project-by-project basis. Those projects are concentrating on PLSS remonumentation and subsequent geodetic positions in immediate future urbanizing areas of the County. Projects are completed and surveys filed in Molalla (SN 2004-117), Milwaukie (SN 2004-356), Happy Valley (SN 2005-084), and Damascus (SN 2007-167). A project was completed as part of a GIS mapping / emergency services enhancement in the Alder Creek to Welches / Lolo Pass area, titled Hoodland Highway 26 (SN 2006-280).

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please feel free to contact our office at 503-742-4475.

Updated 2/5/2009

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