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Development Review and Records of Survey

All survey maps and plats for subdivisions, condominiums, partitions and cemeteries shall meet the following minimum standards and requirements in addition to any standards and requirements prescribed by Oregon Revised Statutes, Oregon Administrative Rules, county ordinances, city ordinances or other similar documents.

Public Land Corners

If a Public Land Corner controls, or is within the boundary of a plat that is being surveyed, you are required by ORS 209.140(1) to notify the County Surveyor. Upon notification, we will research the corner; assure that it is referenced, and possibly remonument it prior to or after plat construction. It is imperative that the design of the plat protects the corner. Please assure that the plat design protects the PLSS monument and that the lot configuration does not place the corner in the middle of a building lot, which could result in the loss of a buildable lot to the developer. If you have any questions, please contact the County Surveyor.

Please contact our office early on your project. This can be done by submitting a completed “Request to Protect a Public Land Corner” form, a letter of notification, or a copy of the Preliminary Plat.

Records Research

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