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Sustainable Clackamas County

Sustainability means using, developing and protecting resources at a rate and in a manner that allows people to meet their current needs while ensuring that future generations will be able to meet their own needs.

Board of County Commissioners Resolution Reaffirming Clackamas County’s Commitment to Combat Climate Change, July 6, 2017

Ways you can live more sustainably

You can make our community and world a better place every day by choosing sustainable options that offer a long-term quality of life.

A sustainable Clackamas County

We have been growing our commitment to sustainability and expanding our sustainable practices. The following policies and plans inform our approach to sustainability.

Energy performance: On Feb. 4, 2016, the Board of County Commissioners adopted an energy policy that commits the county to reducing energy use by 5% from 2014 levels by the year 2020. This program provides a framework for large organizations such as ours to reduce electricity and natural gas use. It looks at every aspect of energy use, from adding solar arrays or upgrading HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems, all the way down to individual employee habits.

Real-time energy production: A solar array was built on the roof of the Development Services Building in 2011. Click on the meters to see real-time solar generation (Flash Player required).

link to DSB Bldg solar energy production

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Sustainable Clackamas County

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