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EPSC & 1200-CN Documents and Guidance Information

What materials do I need to submit to obtain a WES EPSC permit and a 1200-CN?

Fees for WES EPSC Non-single family/1200-CN Permits within WES Service area

Permit Fee: $460 for the 1st acre, and
$80 for each additional acre (fractions of an acre count as a full acre)
Plan Review Fee: (included as part of overall WES stormwater plan review)

Permit Issuance

WES will issue notification of permit approval to the applicant upon final plan approval.

Changes to Plans After Approval or During Project

Changes in information on the application and/or the approved plans must be submitted to WES by (at WES’ discretion) email, redlined plans, revised plans or a combination of these.

Template Drawings

  1. Non-Single Family and/or 1 acre and greater of disturbance EPSC Permit Template Drawings
    Areas of disturbance of 1 to < 5 acres within CCSD#1 & SWMACC (includes the cities of Gladstone & Rivergrove but excludes Happy Valley)

    Template EPSC Plan Sheets – DWG   PDF Sample Plans
  2. EPSC Details/BMPs
4-1 Matting Slope Installation PDF DWG
4-2 Matting Channel Installation PDF DWG
4-3 Plastic Sheeting PDF DWG
4-4 Check Dam Rock PDF DWG
4-5 Check Dam Bio-Filter PDF DWG
4-6 Diversion Dike-Swale PDF DWG
4-7 Outlet Protec Rip Rap PDF DWG
4-8 Outlet Protec Still Basin PDF DWG
4-9 Pipe Slope Drain PDF DWG
4-10 Surf Rough Cat PDF DWG
4-11 Surf RoughStair PDF DWG
4-12 Bio-Filter Bags PDF DWG
4-13 Const Entrance PDF DWG
4-14 Rock Filter Berm PDF DWG
4-15 Inlet Protec Type 1 PDF DWG
4-16 Inlet Protec Type 2 PDF DWG
4-17 Inlet Protec Type 3 PDF DWG
4-18 Inlet Protec Type 4 PDF DWG
4-19 Inlet Protec Type 5 PDF DWG
4-20 Inlet Protec Type 6 PDF DWG
4-21 Oak Mats PDF DWG
4-22 Sediment Basin PDF DWG
4-23 Sediment Fence PDF DWG
4-24 Sediment Trap PDF DWG
4-25 Sidewalk Subgrade PDF DWG
4-26 Tire Wash PDF DWG
4-27 Wattles PDF DWG

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