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Watershed Health & Watershed Action Planning

Watershed Health

Don't be a Water Hazard
Coalition for Clean Rivers and Streams

Water Environment Services (WES) is transitioning our stormwater management program from a regulatory driven approach to stormwater management and focusing on improving overall watershed health. This integrated watershed management approach is focused on four main watershed health components including:

  • Hydrology
    Managing stormwater runoff in a manner that minimizes flooding and stream channel degradation
  • Water Quality
    Reducing in-stream contaminants
  • Habitat
    Promoting the function and/or restoration of functioning and healthy streams and riparian areas
  • Biological
    Maintaining viable aquatic insect and diverse fish and wildlife populations

WES has initiated two Watershed Action Plans focusing on these components in the Kellogg/Mt. Scott and Rock Creek basins. The goal of these plans is to develop basin specific strategies that prioritize District activities and future investments for watershed management.

For more informantion please contact Leah Johanson at 503-742-4620 

Watershed Health Education Program - RiverHealth from on Vimeo.


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