UPDATE: Final stats, B-roll video from winter-storm welfare checks as EOC winds down


CCSO Guard welfare checks
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B-ROLL VIDEO of Sheriff Brandenburg in Emergency Operations Center, plus footage of Guard and deputies deploying to visit affected residents (.mp4 format):

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UPDATE (Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2021) -- As power is restored throughout Clackamas County, the county, Sheriff's Office and Air National Guard are scaling back their ambitious operation to conduct welfare checks of residents adversely affected by the historic ice storm.

Following are some statistics from this large-scale effort.

The relief operation with the Oregon Air National Guard has concluded. The 142nd Wing provided 18 personnel from Sunday to Tuesday, Feb. 21-23. The Sheriff's Office thanks the airmen who volunteered for this assignment and assisted deputies in providing resources to residents. Photos from the effort are attached.

As seen in the B-roll videoSheriff Angela Brandenburg visited the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) on Feb. 23 and presented the airmen with Sheriff's Office challenge coins as a token of gratitude.

The winter storm first hit Clackamas County in the late afternoon on Feb. 11 -- and CCSO deputies were immediately put to work. In additional to normal calls for service, deputies responded to weather-related traffic crashes, rescued stranded motorists, and conducted other weather-related calls and welfare checks.

At the height of the storm, 240,000 Portland General Electric customers were without power within Clackamas County alone. At this writing, PGE and other crews have restored electricity to all but 982 customers.

Work statistics from the welfare checks and relief operation with the Air National Guard (Saturday-Tuesday, Feb. 20-23):

  • In additional to the usual calls for service, from Saturday-Tuesday deputies conducted over 1,400 welfare checks of county residents
  • Clackamas Sheriff’s personnel worked over 750 hours on the welfare-check joint operation
  • Clackamas County Search & Rescue (CSAR) volunteers worked over 120 hours
  • 18 Air National Guard Airmen volunteered their time from Sunday-Tuesday
  • Clackamas County personnel put in over 250 hours in the Emergency Operations Center

Supplies provided by (or donated to) Clackamas County for the relief effort:

  • 7 fuel gift cards
  • 36 blankets
  • 6 Presto logs
  • 21 packs of batteries
  • 49 cases of bottled water
  • 11 flashlights
  • 198 Meals-Ready-to-Eat (MRE)

The Sheriff's Office partnership with Clackamas County and the Oregon Air National Guard was vital to the success of the relief operation. In additional to the Air National Guard and Clackamas County employees, this team effort came to include CSAR volunteers, SAR Coordinators, and Sheriff's Office employees from our Community CorrectionsJail and Patrol Divisions. Many within CCSO's ranks were dealing with the very same adverse conditions affecting the residents they were helping.

The EOC plans to officially stand down over the weekend, if not before; however, welfare checks will continue as a normal part of Sheriff’s Office operations.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Only Sheriff’s Office personnel in uniform will perform these welfare checks. If you are visited by a non-uniformed person claiming to perform an official welfare check, use caution. For emergencies, call or text 911; for non-emergencies,  call 503-655-8211.



Clackamas County's earlier releases on this joint relief effort are below.


Sgt. Marcus Mendoza
Clackamas County Sheriff's Office
Public Information Unit


EARLIER (Feb. 19, 2021) -- Clackamas County, National Guard partner for winter-storm welfare checks


Clackamas County and the Oregon National Guard are partnering to conduct welfare checks on residents affected by the winter storm and ongoing power outages -- ensuring those residents have what they need to stay safe and healthy.

As detailed in Clackamas County's earlier Feb. 19 press release, the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners asked Oregon Governor Kate Brown to deploy National Guard members to assist in door-to-door wellness checks.

Working with information provided by Portland General Electric and Clackamas 911, Clackamas County Sheriff's Office deputies and will begin door-to-door welfare checks on Saturday of residents identified as "high-risk" for need in the wake of the storm and ensuing power outages. These high-risk residents include the older adults, homebound and those who are medically fragile and have been without electricity.

Information will then be provided to Oregon National Guard members and Clackamas County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue, who will follow up and manage the logistics of care. The Oregon National Guard has committed four vehicles and 12 personnel to this effort.

Door-to-door welfare checks will begin tomorrow (Saturday, Feb. 20, 2021). National Guard members are expected to begin delivery of supplies on Sunday, Feb. 21.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These welfare checks will be conducted during daylight hours by uniformed deputies. Deputies will begin going door-to-door in rural areas of the county, then work toward more populated areas. 

"It takes all of us to ensure that everyone in our community makes this through this long-term power outage safely. We cannot lose any more lives," said Clackamas County Board Commission Vice Chair Paul Savas "We are so appreciative of the local partnerships making this possible, as well as the service of our National Guard members."

— Kimberly Dinwiddie-Webb, Public Information Officer


EARLIER (Feb. 19, 2021) -- Media Release: Clackamas County requests National Guard outreach to residents without power


In the aftermath of one of the worst winter storms in many decades, a significant number of residents of Clackamas County continue to be without power and access to food and water due to extreme natural damage and destruction.

In order to reach every resident in need, particularly in rural areas, Clackamas County and State leaders have requested Governor Brown to deploy National Guard members to assist in door-to-door wellness checks. This will expand the reach of several Resource Centers that have recently been established in the county to distribute food and water, as many will remain without power for several days.

Many residents cannot come to the centers, because of this National Guard members will help deliver basic necessities to the homebound.

“We are grateful the State has offered to help since the beginning of this historic storm. We have asked for support from Guard members to provide wellness checks to allow us to reach every household. We are particularly concerned about our rural residents, making sure that those who are homebound are visited and the medically fragile and small children are taken care of,” said Clackamas County Chair Tootie Smith. “We need assistance from the State in order to make every effort to help residents without the basics to survive while we all get through this.”

Details and timing of the deployment are still being determined but expected within the next day. This support is arriving before the aftermath of this storm takes another life.

“Having even one life at risk due to the aftermath of the winter storm is untenable. With the help of the National Guard, our odds of connecting with everyone who remains without power are much greater,” said Oregon State Representative Christine Drazan. “My thanks to the Governor for calling up the National Guard to help protect the lives and safety of our neighbors.”

— Kimberly Dinwiddie-Webb, Public Information Officer