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Manufactured Dwelling and Cabana Inspections

(Based on the 2002 Edition of the Oregon Manufactured Dwelling and Park Specialty Code)

Site inspection | Set-up inspection | Final inspection


Inspection request must be received before 7 a.m. the day of the inspection. Clackamas County does not make appointments. We will attempt to honor requests for morning or afternoon inspections, but no guarantees will be made. If the dwelling is occupied, the applicant or an adult must be present to let the inspector in and remain during the inspection. Call us at 503-353-4720 to request inspections.

Site inspection

Verifies the following:

Exception: If there are no poured-in-place footing, slab, or concrete encased grounding electrodes, the site inspection will be done with the Set-Up Inspection.

Set-up inspection

Verifies the following:


* Holdowns and earthquake resistant bracing systems are not required in Clackamas County. If you are going to install holdowns or an earthquake bracing system, you may add it to your installation permit or take out a separate permit if being added at a later date.

Retrofit installations for existing dwellings will require a separate permit. (Holdowns and earthquake bracing systems shall be approved by the State of Oregon, or be an engineered system.)

Marriage line connections

Plumbing connections

Mechanical connections

Fuel gas piping

Electrical connections

Note: If the permit holder or the permit holders agent fails to call for a setup inspection, or causes the under-floor area to be enclosed prior to the set-up inspection; the permit holder or the permit holders agent shall:


Final inspection

Includes a verification of the following:

Note: The permit holder or the permit holder’s agent shall request a final inspection within ten working days of the completion of the manufactured dwelling installation.

Installer certificate required

Smoke detectors

All manufactured dwellings shall be equipped with operating smoke detectors or alarms at the time of installation regardless of the age of the manufactured dwelling.

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