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Molalla Drive to Zero

Stricter hands-free driving state law effective Oct. 1

A new law (HB 2597) makes holding or using a mobile electronic device while driving illegal. This includes your cell phone, GPS systems, tablets, etc.—anything that you use for texting, talking, emailing, entertainment, navigating or accessing the internet. If you need to use your electronic device, you must first safely stop in a designated parking spot.

Learn more about the new law.

Molalla is a rural city of more than 9,000 people in southwestern Clackamas County, Molalla and the surrounding area make up a vibrant and caring community, but traffic crashes take a toll. Molalla Communities That Care, Clackamas County and the Molalla Fire District are collaborating to reduce crashes and create a stronger community, with a specific focus on reducing aggressive driving.

Most crashes are preventable. They may be attributed to driver error, roadway conditions or the vehicle. Regardless of the cause, none of us want to be in a crash. As a community, we can make a difference and do our part to get to zero fatal and serious injury crashes.

By bringing the community together and building support from all of us, our schools and businesses, we can help everyone here make choices to help us all be safer.

Traffic crashes in Molalla

Between 2009 and 2014, there were 914 traffic crashes on Molalla area roads, including 62 crashes involving fatalities or serious injuries.

Many factors contribute to crashes. In the Molalla crashes, the following factors (sometimes more than one per crash) were involved:

Over the same 5 years, there were nearly 25,000 crashes on roads throughout Clackamas County, including nearly 700 involving fatalities or serious injuries! We must do better. Our lives and the lives of those we love depend on it.

Staying alert and driving safely is your only job when you’re at the wheel.

Contact information

Molalla Communities That Care (MCTC): email or call 503-759-6282. Learn more about MCTC.

Molalla Drive to Zero: email or call 503-759-6282.

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