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Transportation System Development Charges (TSDC)

Parks System Development Charges (PSDC)

Transportation System Development Charges (TSDC)

Clackamas County has an ordinance to administer Transportation System Development Charges (TSDC). TSDC’s are one-time fees assessed to new or expanded developments in unincorporated Clackamas County. The fee, based on the number of vehicle trips a particular land use generates, is set to cover the cost of transportation facilities needed to serve the new or expanded development and the people who will occupy or use the development.

A TSDC can be included in the final calculation of building permit fees for residential and commercial projects, if applicable.

Happy Valley/Clackamas County Joint Area TSDC

In January 2002, Clackamas County and the City of Happy Valley adopted a TSDC Ordinance, Capital Improvement Plan and Methodology to create the new Happy Valley/Clackamas Joint TSDC Area. This area is bordered by I-205 on the west, Multnomah County on the north, approximately 172nd Avenue on the east and Highway 212 on the south. The joint district has its own TSDC fee schedule to fund capital improvements needed within its boundaries to accommodate growth.

The Board of County Commissioners and the City of Happy Valley adopted an updated TSDC ordinance and methodologies in December 2006, and an updated capital improvement plan in January 2006.

TSDC fees are subject to change as early as March of each year. Call Lori Phillips at 503-742-4331 for more details.

The ordinance, rate details and forms are also available:


Replacement dwellings may be charged a TSDC if is the original home was placed prior to May 1993. This charge will not be applied if the resident is able to provide proof of occupancy within the last three years in the form of utility bills, photos and/or other documents. County staff may require additional information.

Type of Development County Wide District Happy Valley / Clackamas County Joint District*
Single Family Residential / Manufactured Home $3,560 / dwelling unit $7,682 / dwelling unit
Apartment $2,500 / dwelling unit $5,394 / dwelling unit
Condo / Townhome $2,180 / dwelling unit $4,704 / dwelling unit

*Approx. Boundaries: I-205 (W), Multnomah County (N), 172nd (E) & Hwy 212 (S)


All commercial permits (including new uses, change of occupancy and tenant improvements) must provide a Statement of Use that will be reviewed by the Engineering Division (Lori Phillips, 503-742-4331) before the permit is issued so that the TSDC rate can be determined. TSDC rates will vary depending on the use of the structure.

This form is needed to clarify the type of development and past use of the space. The Statement of Use form must be completed in full and returned to the Engineering Division:

Note: All development in the City of Happy Valley is reviewed by city staff. For additional information, go to the City of Happy Valley website or call 503-760-3325.

Parks System Development Charge (PSDC)

The North Clackamas Park and Recreation District (NCPRD) provides a variety of park and recreational facilities, and a wide range of services including: aquatics, community athletics, special events and specialized recreation programs. District parks, facilities and services are important community resources benefiting both existing and future park district residents, businesses, employees and visitors.

Clackamas County has an ordinance implementing a Parks System Development Charge on any new dwelling units created within the NCPRD District. A special rate is assessed for residential units in the boundaries of Sunnyside Village.

The NCPRD recognizes the impact of business employees on the need for new capital facilities and has determined that it is in everyone’s best interests to also seek some contribution to those needs from this source of demand.

System Development Charges are one-time fees charged to new development to help pay a portion of the costs associated with building capital facilities to meet needs created by growth. The PSDC fee is based on the specific impact a development is expected to have on the District’s population and employment.

PSDC fees are subject to change as early as February of each year.

Type of Development
(See 'District Map' for boundaries)
Zone 2
(West of I-205 to the Willamette River)
Zone 3
(East of I-205 to Urban Growth Boundary)
Sunnyside Village
(See 'District Map' for boundaries)
Single Family Residential / Manufactured Home $6,760 $6,075 $6,075
Multi-Family $5,842 $5,290 $5,290
Non-Residential $60 / Employee ** $60 / Employee ** $60 / Employee **
** Number of employees calculated using PSDC Table 5.4, below.

Table 5.4
Square Feet Per Employee

(recommended guidelines from Metro Employment Density Study)

Standard Industry Classification (SIC)* Square Feet per Employee
1-19 Ag., Fish & Forest Services; Construction; Mining 590
20 Food & Kindred Products 630
22, 23 Textile & Apparel 930
24 Lumber & Wood 640
25, 32, 39 Furniture; Clay, Stone, & Glass; Misc. 760
26 Paper and Allied 1,600
27 Printing, Publishing & Allied 450
28-31 Chemicals, Petroleum, Rubber, Leather 720
33, 34 Primary & Fabricated Metals 420
35 Machinery Equipment 300
36, 38 Electrical Machinery, Equipment 400
37 Transportation Equipment 700
40-42, 44, 45, 47 Transportation and Warehousing 3,290
49 Communications and Public Utilities 460
50, 51 Wholesale Trade 1,390
52-59 Retail Trade 470
60-68 Finance, Insurance & Real Estate 370
70-79 Non-Health Services 770
80 Health Services 350
81-89 Educational, Social, Membership Services 740
90-99 Government 530

* Source: U.S. Department of Commerce Standard Industrial Classification Manual

OSHA SIC Definitions

For example, the parks and recreation SDC for a 40,000 square foot office building for services such as finance, insurance and real estate would be calculated as follows:
  1. 40,000 (sq.ft. building size) รท 370 (sq. ft. per employee) = 108 employees,
  2. 108 employees x $60 (SDC rate) = $6,480

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