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Welcome to the Clackamas County Juvenile Department website.

Message from the Director

The Clackamas County Juvenile Department strives to keep communities safe through restorative services for youth offenders, victims, and communities.  We target interventions in order to hold youth meaningfully accountable and teach them new skills, while at the same time addressing the harm done to victims and community.
Central to our continued success is our engagement with community partners.  These partnerships empower communities to have a role in holding their youth accountable, expand the opportunities for at-risk youth to feel connected with their local communities, while also giving youth a chance to participate in meaningful service-learning work projects while earning stipends, or volunteering hours to repay victims and community.  

Through implementing strategies supported by research and working meaningfully with the communities we serve, the Department will continue its goal of addressing harm, reducing crime, and increasing a youth’s ability to make positive contributions to their communities.    

Ellen Crawford
Director, Clackamas County Juvenile Department

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