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Library Plan

Clackamas County’s two building, one library solution.

Clackamas County is working to improve library services—and is moving forward with planning for two new libraries: one in Oak Lodge and one within the City of Gladstone. The county will run both libraries in a system modeled after the City of Sandy’s two-branch system.

The public (you!) will help determine what the libraries will be like, including: location, design, and services.

Project Update: March 2018

In January 2018, we held public meetings with residents of Gladstone and Oak Lodge to talk about the library plan and get your input. We also held an online open house through February to get additional input on the Oak Lodge Library process. We thank everyone who participated! If you didn’t get a chance to attend these meetings, visit the meetings page to see PowerPoint presentations, handouts, and display boards.

Oak Lodge Library Comment Summary – now available

The Oak Lodge Library Open House and companion online “virtual” open house reached over 800 residents—with about 150 people attending the in-person meeting and nearly 700 visiting the online open house. During these outreach efforts, Oak Lodge residents weighed in on their vision for a library, and what kind of services and amenities are important to them. A summary of what people said is now available. Some of the key themes were:

  • Access is critical. Ample parking is important, but so is easy access for people walking, biking, or taking the bus.
  • Focus on programs for young people. Library programs for kids, specialized spaces for teens and children, and materials focused on educating young people were rated as most highly needed.
  • Make the library a focal point of the community. People want a welcoming, open, and inviting library that acts as an anchor for Oak Lodge.

You can read the full summary of comments here.

What’s Next?

The outreach process is ongoing. Here’s what’s happening:

  • Oak Lodge Library: The County is continuing to reach out to community members to get input on their vision for the Oak Lodge Library. We’re also partnering with local schools to engage students in creatively thinking about what they would like to see in a new library. See the meetings page for details on meetings scheduled for Spring 2018.
  • Gladstone Library: This May, Gladstone residents will be asked to vote on a ballot measure to authorize construction of a new library. A yes vote would pave the way for construction of the new library. More robust outreach would occur in summery 2018.

Project Information

Links to more information about the new Oak Lodge and Gladstone libraries:

Oak Lodge Library

  • Construction of a new library, approximately 19,500 sq. ft. (nearly three times larger than present)
  • Located within the Oak Lodge library service area (specific site to be determined after public input).
  • Residents will shape the library through a visioning process to meet needs and interests.

Gladstone Library

  • A modern library downtown of approximately 6,000 sq. ft., constructed on city-owned land.
  • Constructing the library is dependent on successful passage of a Gladstone ballot measure to eliminate the prohibition on using city general funds for the library. Gladstone residents are expected to vote on this measure in May 2018.
  • City of Gladstone will continue to subsidize library operations at current levels.
  • Operated by Clackamas County to minimize costs. Library staff will become county employees.