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Library Plan

This is a two building, one library solution.

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The city of Gladstone and Clackamas County have been working to improve library services—and are moving forward with a solution: Plans call for construction of two libraries, one in Gladstone and one in the Oak Grove/Jennings Lodge area. Both libraries will be operated by Clackamas County. Combined, these facilities will provide an estimated 25,500 square feet of new library space.
Nearly every aspect of the new libraries will be determined through a robust public outreach and engagement process, including location, design, service levels, and amenities. We’re starting the engagement process now – and want you to be involved.

We need you to shape the vision for your library!

Many details still need to be finalized—such as the location of the libraries and what kinds of amenities and services they will provide. Community input is needed as we explore options. Clackamas County, the City of Gladstone, and library partners will be holding meetings and looking for public feedback on your vision for your library.



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Oak Lodge Library

  • Construction of a new library, approximately 19,500 sq. ft. (nearly three times larger than present)
  • Located within the Oak Lodge library service area (specific site to be determined after public input).
  • Residents will shape the library through a visioning process to meet needs and interests.

Gladstone Library

  • A modern library downtown of approximately 6,000 sq. ft., constructed on city-owned land.
  • Constructing the library is dependent on successful passage of a Gladstone ballot measure to eliminate the prohibition on using city general funds for the library. Gladstone residents are expected to vote on this measure in May 2018.
  • City of Gladstone will continue to subsidize library operations at current levels.
  • Operated by Clackamas County to minimize costs. Library staff will become county employees.