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Madrone Wall Concept Site Plan

The Madrone Wall site, also known as the Hardscabble Quarry, is an approximately 44 acre site situated on State Highway 224 southeast of Carver. The site is currently not open to the public.

The site was purchased in the early 1900’s by the County for use as a quarry. In recent years, the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners (BCC), with input from local citizens, decided to recommend the site become part of an area for Clackamas River Watershed Protection and designated the site as a priority for master planning. The property is in the County’s current inventory of timberland. Wetlands are present along the road and be considered for development of Clackamas County Parks.

The defining physical feature of the site is the 120-foot high basalt wall that bisects the property, which has previously provided opportunities for local rock climbers. While hosting striking examples of the namesake Madrone tree and possessing sweeping views of the nearby Clackamas River, the site also contains invasive plant species and has been used for illegal dumping. Previous quarry activity has left the site with a considerable number of roadbeds and previous recreation activity has created a network of trails. The site is currently not open to the public.

Previous citizen input has indicated that the undeveloped nature of Madrone Wall is one of its appeals, and numerous studies confirm that the site is of value to native flora and fauna. Balancing the potential development of recreation with the need to preserve and enhance the site’s natural resources will be one of the primary design challenges and will result in the creation of a concept plan for possible future development.


Final Conceptual Site Plan Report Published
Click here to download the Madrone Wall Master Plan (10MB pdf)

  • Clackamas County received approval of our Conditional Use application in November 2009. There are 34 conditions to meet during the development of the park. Click link to review Conditional Use Permit
  • In November 2009 Clackamas County Parks submitted an Innovative Readiness Training application to the Oregon National Guard for volunteer equipment and labor to construct the entrance, roadway, and parking improvements at the Madrone Park property in accordance with the Conditional Use Permit. The OR Guard requested an archaeological survey of the site be conducted so a report of the site could be included with our application. Our application is currently under review and approval/denial of our request is expected sometime in 2011.
  • Additionally, in November 2009 the Madrone Wall Preservation Committee acquired pro-bono professional engineering services to provide the construction documents for this park as a cost savings option on the project. Progress is being made in this area, with hopes of plans being completed later in 2011.
  • Nesting Peregrine Falcons were discovered on the Madrone Park site in May 2010 during preparatory work for a volunteer trail building event scheduled that month. All activities at the site were shut down and the USFW and the National Audubon Society were consulted. The birds’ progress was monitored and studied through May and June 2010.
  • In June 2010 the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners declared the Hardscrabble Quarry property as Madrone Wall Park.
  • An archaeological survey began in May 2010 and was interrupted with the discovery of nesting Peregrine Falcons on the cliff wall. Two chicks hatched and successfully fledged the nest in late June. The remaining portion of the survey work was completed in July and August. The survey report was submitted to the State Historic Preservation Office and a final approval letter was received from SHPO in September 2010. Click this link to see the survey report. A copy of this report has been provided to the Oregon National Guard for submittal with our Innovative Readiness Training application.
  • In February 2011, Peregrine's were again sited at Madrone Wall. Park's staff is monitoring the birds through the nesting season. No activities are currently planned at the property for spring/summer 2011.


First Public Meeting Documents:

Second Public Meeting Documents:
Preliminary Concepts

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