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Clackamas County Parks


Campgrounds closed for the winter
The campgrounds in Barton Park, Feyrer Park, and Metzler Park are closed for the season. They will reopen May 1, 2019.  Reservations can be made for 2019 by calling the Parks Admin Office 503-742-4414, or by booking online at

Madrone Wall Park closed
Madrone Wall Park is currently closed to protect nesting Peregrine falcons that inhabit the rock wall. Peregrine falcons are federally protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. It will re-open July 16, 2019.

Feyrer Park / Wagon Wheel Molalla River access open
Boat access to the Molalla River from Feyrer Park and Wagon Wheel is open for the winter season and will close May 1, 2019.

Bridge closed at Wilhoit Springs
The footbridge crossing Rock Creek on the south/southwest area of Wilhoit Springs Park is closed due to unsafe conditions.

Barlow Wayside Park         hiking trails    
Barton Park day use camping boating fishing hiking trails    
Boones Ferry Marina     boating fishing      
Boring Station Trailhead Park day use       hiking trails biking  
Carver Park day use   boating fishing      
Eagle Fern Park day use     fishing hiking trails    
Feyrer Park day use camping   fishing      
Hebb Park day use   boating fishing hiking trails    
Madrone Wall         hiking trails    
Metzler Park day use camping   fishing hiking trails    
Springwater Corridor Trail         hiking trails biking  
Stone Creek Golf Club         hiking trails   Golf
Wilhoit Springs Park         hiking trails